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‘You Just Realize It’s All Gone’: Hurricane Michael’s Heavy Toll


Michael ranked as the strongest storm to hit the Panhandle since at least 1851, when record-keeping began, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Michael—one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the U.S.—erased entire neighborhoods and leveled communities. “It looks apocalyptic,” said Mr. Shields, who was born and raised in Panama City but no longer recognizes much of it.

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Melania Trump says she ‘was blindsided’ by ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy, told president it was ‘unacceptable’

Sunday 15:24 GMT

First lady Melania Trump has admitted she “was blindsided” by the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy and told her husband she felt it was unacceptable.

WHAT TRUMP’S ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ IMMIGRATION POLICY MEANS FOR CHILDREN SEPARATED FROM FAMILIES AT BORDER. The first lady said if she could give a message to the children separated at the border, it would be to "keep strong." "I would tell them to keep strong and that time will come and everything needs to go through the court system," she said.

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UK steps towards zero-carbon economy

Monday 22:46 GMT

"Those who speak so strongly of need to accept scientific evidence of climate change are happy to chuck the scientific evidence of the safety of shale gas exploration in the bin.

Ms Perry has declared this week to be Green GB Week, which aims to raise debate in society about how to tackle climate change while also growing the economy. "The question is: what does government need to do, where can the private sector come in, and what technologies will come through?"

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3,121 desperate journeys: exposing a week of chaos under Trump's zero tolerance

Tuesday 05:10 GMT

Thousands of documents analyzed by the Guardian provide the most comprehensive picture yet of what happened to immigrants prosecuted under the Trump administration's zero tolerance policyLlegaron a los Estados Unidos buscando una vida mejor pero terminaron encarcelados.

Even though José had no other criminal record, his “illegal re-entry” after a previous deportation triggered a felony prosecution under zero tolerance.

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Policy Makers Rethink a 2% Inflation Target

Wednesday 02:26 GMT

From Ottawa to Oslo, policy makers have been considering whether that level of consumer-price growth, a Holy Grail for the world’s major central banks over the past quarter-century, is still relevant.

The case for a higher target runs like this: Policy makers find it difficult to cut benchmark interest rates much below zero. If inflation is 2%, that means central banks can reduce the real interest rate—the benchmark rate minus inflation—to minus 2% by cutting the benchmark rate to zero.

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How zero tolerance forces undocumented victims into the shadows

Wednesday 09:00 GMT

The result, advocates say, is that a program designed to hold violent criminals accountable by offering a modicum of security to undocumented victims has been warped into a system where victims must increase their risk of deportation in exchange for a slim chance of justice.

U-visas allow undocumented victims of violence who can show that they helped in the investigation or prosecution of a crime to remain in the US legally and eventually obtain a green card.

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