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Source: BBC

Yale student expelled over '$1.2m bribe'

Today 16:20 GMT

Yale University has revoked the admission of a student whose family is accused of spending $1.2m (£907,000) in a bribery scheme to ensure admittance.

Last year, Mr Meredith was caught by the FBI reportedly demanding another bribe, of $450,000, to designate an applicant as an athletic recruit for Yale. The celebrities involved in Mr Singer's scheme, as well as the targeted schools, are now facing lawsuits from parents and students.

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Source: Fox News

Yale rescinds admission of student whose parents allegedly paid $1.2M in college admissions scandal

Today 20:00 GMT

Yale University rescinded the admission of a student whose parents allegedly paid $1.2 million to gain a spot at the elite university through the nationwide college admissions scheme.

PARENT WHO ALLEGEDLY PAID $6.5 MILLION IN COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL REMAINS A MYSTERY. Among the people involved was Rudy Meredith, former Yale women’s head soccer coach. Meredith, who is expected to plead guilty to wire fraud charges Thursday, helped two students during the admissions process by faking athletic profiles for them, the university said in a “Frequently Asked Questions” page created after charges were announced.

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