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Where Sears went wrong — from the writer of the definitive history of the retailer

Wednesday 14:30 GMT

When I was working on “The Big Store,” one Sears executive estimated that 20 million people worked directly for Sears or for a company that depended on the Sears supply line for its livelihood.

I think daily that the Sears story indicates that founders — and Sears had three founding geniuses in Richard Sears, Julius Rosenwald and General Robert Wood — can, however subconsciously, sow the seeds of decline and even destruction before they leave.

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COMMENTARY: The Supreme Court made wrong call on expat voting rights

Thursday 19:06 GMT

Suffice to it say that the Supreme Court eventually agreed with the two gentlemen in a 5-2 ruling, with the majority saying that denying long-term expats the right to vote was an overly draconian way to address whatever concerns the government had, and further, that the government had not demonstrated that there was sufficient basis to those concerns to even warrant the limits on voting rights in the first place.

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California schools were once the nation's envy. What went wrong?

Sunday 09:54 GMT

Proposition 13 drastically cut and capped property taxes and hobbled the ability of California counties – and, indirectly, the state – to raise money for schools and other key social programs.

According to one recently published study, funding for California schools falls 38% short of where it should be to meet needs defined by the state itself. Poorer students benefit from additional state and federal grant money, but their needs are also higher and the shortfall reaches as high as 47% at the bottom end of the socio-economic pile.

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