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Lady Gaga: 'I want to take the power back'

Today 20:02 GMT

Lady Gaga has spoken out about the objectification of women in entertainment, saying she wants to "take the power back".

Real name Stefani Germanotta - has spent the last month promoting her new film, A Star is Born, with actor and director Bradley Cooper, in a number of elaborate gowns harking back to the old Hollywood era. The 32-year-old hinted at her usual choice of outfit for red carpets and why she wanted to make a change to her signature look.

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Source: Washington Post

Nicole Kidman says that being married to Tom Cruise was ‘protection’ from sexual harassment

Today 10:53 GMT

In a recent interview, Kidman opened up about one aspect of their relationship that she hasn’t discussed before — how being married to a powerful man protected her from experiencing the kind of sexual abuse that more and more women in Hollywood are speaking up about.

Kidman and Cruise, who have two children together, met on the set of 1990s “Days of Thunder” and married that same year, when she was 22 and he was 28.

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Radio 4 in Four - Seven movies Hollywood keeps remaking - BBC Radio 4

Sunday 19:59 GMT

There have been too many Robin Hood movies to list here, but they include the 1991 version with a distinctly American Robin (Kevin Costner), a Disney fox-based animation, Ridley Scott’s grubby 2010 reworking and another starring Taron Egerton set for release in November 2018.

The original Japanese version, Gojira, with its man-in-a-costume simplicity and its message about the dangers of nuclear weapons, has inspired an enormous number of sequels and a couple of Hollywood movies of varying quality.

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