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Want to win an Oscar Spend millions on the film campaign trail

Today 09:00 GMT

Add millions of dollars for TV and digital ads, plus actors’ travel, hair and makeup for events to promote their work on the busy film campaign trail.

“They’ve successfully reintroduced this comic book movie as a very serious artistic endeavor,” he said, “and they’ve been rewarded for that.”

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Source: The Guradian

The nine Oscars hosts who gave the most

Today 08:59 GMT

The Oscars were first held 90 years ago this May, and in 1994, Goldberg made double history as the first solo female and first black host.

Did the job with such wit, memorably calling Oscar “the only 74-year-old man in Hollywood who doesn’t need Viagra to last three hours”, she was invited back three more times. The Oscars were first held 90 years ago this May, and in 1994, Goldberg made double history as the first solo female and first black host.

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Women in Hollywood see some gains after Oscars equality plea

Today 01:30 GMT

In the aftermath of McDormand’s speech, one major Hollywood studio, Warner Bros., adopted policies based on the idea, and A-list stars such as Matt Damon and Michael B. Jordan, who also work as producers, committed to pushing for inclusion riders.

Kotagal pointed to coming-of-age movie “Hala,” which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and will be distributed by Apple Inc. Producers adopted inclusion riders and filled many off-screen jobs, including the majority of department head positions, with women.

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Source: The Guradian

How the 1989 Oscars descended into creepy excess

Tuesday 09:53 GMT

Disney, having realised that the Oscars hadn’t licensed Snow White, sued for copyright infringement and dilution of business reputation.

Tucked away in the history of the Academy Awards is a moment so horrible, so astoundingly, objectively, bewilderingly awful, that it remains breathtaking. In 1989, producer Allan Carr was handed the keys to the ceremony.

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Roma and the Oscars: why has Hollywood ignored the foreign language film?

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

Even if it doesn’t win, Roma is a reminder that beyond the Anglophone zone there’s a world of cinema out there, and we’re seeing less and less of it.

Look at Chilean-Argentinian Sebastián Lelio, whose A Fantastic Woman won the best foreign language film Oscar last year. He has followed that up with two English movies: Disobedience, set in London, and a remake of his (Spanish-language) 2013 movie Gloria, set in Los Angeles, starring Julianne Moore.

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Why the Oscars aren't all about Hollywood

Tuesday 03:19 GMT

Alfonso Cuaron's Netflix epic Roma could become the first ever winner of both best picture and best foreign language film at the Oscars.

In the last decade, there have been changes almost annually to how the Oscars arrive at their shortlist for best foreign language film. Its success could change how the category is perceived - and shine a light on the four other worthy nominees.

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Source: Fox News

Candid Marilyn Monroe photos revealed in new London exhibition

Sunday 11:43 GMT

Candid photographs of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe are on display in London for a new exhibition, Fox News has learned Friday.

MARILYN MONROE AND PHOTOGRAPHER MILTON H. GREENE 'KNOWINGLY JUMPED OFF THE CLIFF TOGETHER'. “Tracking Marilyn, Eddie’s camera was telling more than we knew at the time,” Stein recalled. “The public Marilyn was keeping appointments — fittings for her costume to ride a pink elephant at a charity premiere of the circus, meetings with layers and agents… a grand entrance in white furs at the opening night of Tennessee Williams’ new play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’

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