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‘You won’t hear me speak his name’: New Zealand PM determined to deny gunman notoriety

Wednesday 01:30 GMT

The white supremacist accused of gunning down 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand has dismissed his lawyer and opted to represent himself at trial, prompting the prime minister to declare Tuesday that she would do everything in her power to deny him a platform for his racist views.

“I agree that it is absolutely something that we need to acknowledge, and do what we can to prevent the notoriety that this individual seeks,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters.

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Source: The Guradian

Why Viktor Orbán and his allies won’t win the EU elections

Thursday 06:04 GMT

The fear many pro-Europeans hold is that the current polarisation of European politics will work to the advantage of the populist right, and that Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán will manage to turn these elections into a referendum on Brussels’ failure to deal with migration.

The gilets jaunes’ (yellow vests’) brand of anger is felt across many EU member states, but the upcoming European elections won’t be a repetition of the Brexit referendum, for a simple reason: no major populist party (of either right or left) today openly advocates exiting the union or the euro.

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ANALYSIS: Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s odd plan to help homebuyers won’t help with housing affordability

Thursday 18:11 GMT

One of the things Finance Minister Bill Morneau did in the budget on Tuesday was to take steps to fix Canada’s home ownership problem.

“We know that it’s not going to make an impact on the overall market from a pricing standpoint meaning people are actually going to be better off, more optimism in terms of housing and it’s the reason we’re very excited about this measure.”

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The Fed won’t kill the economic expansion, top forecaster says

Friday 15:25 GMT

The economists in our consensus forecast are: Christophe Barraud of Market Securities, Jim O’Sullivan of High Frequency Economics, Joerg Angelé of Raiffeisen Bank International, Ryan Sweet of Moody’s Analytics, Michelle Girard’s team at NatWest Markets, Michael Feroli at J.P. Morgan Chase, Brian Wesbury and Bob Stein of First Trust, Peter Morici of the University of Maryland, Avery Shenfeld’s team at CIBC, Richard Moody of Regions Financial, Douglas Porter’s team at BMO, Andrew Hollenhorst at Citigroup, Spencer Staples of EconAlpha, Lou Crandall at Wrightson ICAP, and Gus Faucher’s team at PNC.

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