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Brexit Brief: U.K. opposition party splits over Corbyn’s EU withdrawal plans

Tuesday 10:50 GMT

The U.K.’s opposition Labour Party suffered a dramatic split on Monday morning after a group of its politicians decided to leave in protest over leader Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of Brexit.

The move comes as the British Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay heads back to Brussels to continue seeking changes to the Irish backstop — the contentious plan baked into May’s preferred withdrawal agreement that is aimed at avoiding a hard border in Ireland.

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Brexit backstop: Theresa May to put new proposals to EU

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

Theresa May will present the EU with new legal proposals to solve the Irish backstop issue on Wednesday, which Downing Street hopes will be enough to convince Eurosceptics to back her Brexit deal.

“I can’t understand how a No 2 at the Treasury could still countenance keeping that on the table,” the cabinet source said, but added that the general mood in the room had noticeably turned against no deal as a negotiating tactic.

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Not there yet but closer: Britain and EU haggle over Brexit compromise

Today 08:04 GMT

Britain and the European Union on Thursday played down the chances of clinching an immediate Brexit divorce deal but diplomats said they were edging closer to a legal compromise that Prime Minister Theresa May hopes will win over the British parliament.

“We are looking at updating the declaration on future EU-UK ties after Brexit to give more prominence to the ‘alternative arrangements’ sought by Britain,” said one EU diplomat who deals with Brexit. Barclay, Barnier and Cox were due to continue talks “urgently” at a technical level, the UK’s Brexit ministry said.

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Canadian forces in Iraq planning for impact of U.S. withdrawal from Syria: commander

Today 19:05 GMT

The commander of Canada’s special forces says officials are watching closely to see what impact U.S. plans to withdraw hundreds of soldiers from Syria could have on Canada’s mission in neighbouring Iraq.

Peter Dawe said the planned U.S. withdrawal from Syria has not yet had any material impact on his soldiers’ mission against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which is up for renewal at the end of March.

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