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Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Weigh Down GE and Other Companies

Tuesday 18:11 GMT

General Electric Co.’s bet on selling long-term care insurance policies, which ballooned into a $16.5 billion liability, underscores how policies meant to pay for nursing homes and prescription costs have become one of the most unpredictable segments of the insurance industry.

Insurance companies have recorded more than $28 billion in charges related to long-term care insurance policies since 2007, according to estimates by analysts at investment bank Evercore ISI.

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Climate risk: Insuring against the inevitable

Saturday 11:46 GMT

The money industrialized countries are feeding into climate risk insurance is separate from, and on a much smaller scale, than the money industrialized countries have committed to help developing countries adapt to and mitigate the effects of a changing climate through the Green Climate Fund.

The ARC and two other "regional risk pools," the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility and the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative, which sell policies to governments in the Caribbean and Pacific regions respectively, are intended to insure up to three-quarters of the 400-million-people goal.

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