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Spending Big Bucks to Make a New House Look Old

Friday 15:27 GMT

Retrofitting large architectural artifacts into a new house can add character, but takes plenty of time and money

Salvaged from old buildings or junkyards, these items ensure a home’s uniqueness, proponents say, and can boost resale value if done well. But incorporating large artifacts into a 21st century home demands willing and skilled craftsmen, lots of patience—and plenty of money.

1 Article
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Atlantic Canadians brave cold, wind to enjoy status as nation’s first legal cannabis buyers

Thursday 16:23 GMT

Atlantic Canadians lined up early Wednesday, many in frigid temperatures, to be a part of Canadian cannabis history – including some who said they don’t even use the stuff.

The wind and cold didn’t deter a few hundred people from lining up around the block on Water Street, the city’s main commercial drag, to be among the first buyers in Canada.

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