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Source: BBC

New York state sues Weinstein Company

Tuesday 00:38 GMT

New York prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, alleging that the studio failed to protect staff from Harvey Weinstein.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Sunday that he had filed the suit against the Weinstein Company, as well as Mr Weinstein and his brother Robert, who co-founded the studio. He is seeking an unspecified sum to cover damages, plus penalties, for victims of alleged abuse by Harvey Weinstein, 65.

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Source: DW

Survey: 2 million Italians molested as kids

Wednesday 17:20 GMT

Around 1.6 million women and 400,000 men — or about 5 percent of the Italian population — were molested as minors, according to the results of a sexual harassment survey published Tuesday.

Data released by Italy's national statistics agency shows more than 2 million Italians suffered "sexual acts against their will" when they were children. Many of the victims kept the abuse a secret for years.

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