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Source: The Guradian

Canadian actor's suit against Weinstein and assistant must proceed, judge rules

Sunday 19:59 GMT

A Canadian judge has rejected a bid to dismiss an anonymous actor’s $4m sexual assault lawsuit against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, his former assistant and two entertainment companies.

In addition to Weinstein, The Weinstein Company, Miramax, its then-corporate parent Disney, the lawsuit included Schneeweiss, who was then Weinstein’s assistant and who, the suit claims, knew of Weinstein’s sexual predation and helped facilitate the attacks.

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Source: New York Times

Weinstein Company Fires David Glasser, Its President

Sunday 05:10 GMT

The Weinstein Company’s board of directors announced Friday night that they had unanimously voted to fire the company’s president and chief operating officer, David Glasser, for cause.

Who led the effort to retain Mr. Glasser — attributed Mr. Glasser’s change of heart in part to a personal friendship between Mr. Glasser and the brothers. Mr. Glasser, who had said he would depart as president of the Weinstein Company in August 2015, announced a month later that he would instead remain under a new three-year contract.

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