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Source: The Guradian

Polish diplomat admits ordering hit on wealthy mother of his partner

Wednesday 06:07 GMT

A Polish man long suspected of ordering a mafia-style hit on his partner’s wealthy mother has broken down in a French court and confessed to being behind her killing after years of denying the accusations.

He told the court Janowski was trying to protect his partner, Sylvia Ratkowski, from her mother, who he said had made her life a misery, and that he had not ordered the two hitmen to kill her driver as well.

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Source: Washington Post

Mega Millions tweaked the odds to create monster jackpots. It worked.

Thursday 19:04 GMT

The lottery officials who run Mega Millions tweaked the rules and odds of the game last October to make jackpots pay out less frequently, spurring their monster growth.

The jackpot chasers typically emerge when they see the Mega Millions prize tick up and up and up, and they figure, “Hell, why not?” And if you have noticed a run of eye-popping jackpots from Mega Millions and the similarly designed Powerball recently, that’s by design, too.

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Source: The Guradian

Wealthy Los Angeles grapples with outbreak of typhus among its poorest

Friday 15:27 GMT

Los Angeles officials have pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars and created a dedicated taskforce to fight an outbreak of typhus, as a city of glittering wealth grapples with a disease linked to intense poverty.

“We’re deploying every available resource to help control and stop this outbreak,” said Alex Comisar, press secretary for Los Angeles’s mayor, Eric Garcetti. Many of those resources have focused on the city’s large homeless population, considered most at risk for contracting the flea-borne illness.

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Secrets of Wealthy Women: Mary Higgins Clark on What Motivates Her To Keep Writing

Saturday 08:05 GMT

The best-selling novelist reveals what motivates her, how wealth changed her, and what surprises her about having money in WSJ’s Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast

In this Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast with host Veronica Dagher, the Queen of Suspense explains how wealth changed her life and what surprises her about having money. “The funny part is, now that I can afford to buy anything I want I’m thoroughly bored with shopping,” she says.

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