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What’s It Take to Sell a Home on Chicago’s Lake Michigan Patience

Friday 19:06 GMT

Many older waterfront homes currently for sale on suburban Chicago’s North Shore feature views of majestic Lake Michigan, access to sandy beaches and glimpses of migrating birds and other wildlife.

Many homes on Lake Michigan were built between 1900 and the 1930s as weekend retreats for prominent Chicagoans, says Arthur Miller, an emeritus archivist at Lake Forest College. By the ’70s, properties that were once as large as 100 acres were subdivided, but some historic mansions remained, says Mr. Miller.

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Brazil’s dam disaster

Friday 16:21 GMT

In a statement later sent to the BBC, Vale said: “The speed of dam breach and the lack of any signs prevented the activation of the emergency system that would have sounded the dam sirens.”

When the dam was breached, a tidal wave of red sludge surged through the valley with such force, that everything in its way was crushed. In the cemetery, gravedigger 63-year-old Atenaguos Moreira de Jesus explains that one of the hardest parts of his job is supporting families when body parts rather than whole bodies have been recovered.

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The beach nobody can touch

Wednesday 09:52 GMT

Perhaps Maya Bay is a sign that Thailand is turning a page in its effort to preserve its natural resources. But for a nation so hugely dependent on tourist cash, it could also just be proof of how dire a situation has to get before action will be taken.

Authorities say they are committed to re-opening Maya Bay when they know what the true capacity of the beach is – that is how many people can sustainably visit on a daily basis.

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Source: The Guradian

Colombian tribe calls for action on alleged effects of UK oil firm

Friday 13:36 GMT

“Although the company’s operations [in the Platanillo concession] aren’t inside the reserve, they are seriously affecting ecosystems and water essential to the Siona.”

Both Cuaran and Piaguaye, like many others in Puerto Silencio, are adamant they know who is responsible: the Colombian subsidiary of the UK-based company Amerisur Resources, which reportedly began exploiting oil in a concession called Platanillo, just to the west of Buenavista’s reserve, a decade ago.

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‘This has poisoned everything’ – pollution casts shadow over New Mexico’s booming dairy industry

Wednesday 12:41 GMT

The contamination casts a very long shadow over New Mexico’s all-important dairy business – the leading agricultural industry in the state, generating more than $1.3bn annually.

Instead of working 24/7 to keep his animals healthy, he’s planning to exterminate all 4,000 of his cows, one of the best herds in his county’s booming dairy industry. The 54-year-old second-generation dairy farmer learned last August that his water, his land, his crops – even the blood in his body – were contaminated with chemicals that migrated to his property from nearby Cannon Air Force Base.

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Canadian Contemporary With a Seawater-Filled Channel Running Through It

Thursday 21:50 GMT

As well as creating a tranquil setting, the trees and grassland are an important habitat for many rare bird and animal species.

The property’s two branch-like arms sit on either side of the water channel, offering close-up views of nature as well the Pacific Ocean, which is backed by the Olympic mountain range. Set in a grove of Garry oak, one of Canada’s most endangered natural ecosystems, the property is "sustainably entwined" with its site.

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India to cut water to Pakistan as Kashmir conflict escalates

Friday 18:10 GMT

India's infrastructure minister, Nitin Gadkari, announced on Twitter on Thursday that his country had, "decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan."

The announcement came as tensions between India and neighboring Pakistan continued to soar in the wake of a deadly terror attack in the disputed Kashmir region last Thursday. India blames Pakistan for the attack, which killed 40 paramilitary soldiers, whereas Pakistan denies any involvement.

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Source: Global News

Climate change threatens to spark conflicts around the world: security experts

Thursday 00:35 GMT

From worsening water shortages in Iraq and Pakistan to harsher hurricanes in the Caribbean – are a growing security risk and require concerted action to ensure they don’t spark new violence, security experts warned Tuesday.

At the Planetary Security conference at the Hague on Tuesday, they announced the creation of a new International Military Council on Climate and Security, made up of senior military leaders from around the world.

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Source: The Guradian

Fighting pollution: Toledo residents want personhood status for Lake Erie

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

Called the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, it would grant personhood status to the lake, with the citizens being the guardians of the body of water.

The water source for Toledo is Lake Erie, and an algae bloom caused in part by phosphorous runoff from farms had sickened the lake with an overload of “microcystin” bacteria. The city banned drinking the water for a week and “children, the elderly and pregnant women” were instructed not to even shower.

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