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Plastic Water Bottles, Which Enabled a Drinks Boom, Now Threaten a Crisis

Thursday 19:05 GMT

Danone, for its part, is betting the reputation of its flagship water brand on a new technology that claims to turn old plastic from things like dirty carpets and sticky ketchup bottles into plastic suitable for new water bottles.

Evian this year pledged to make all its plastic bottles entirely from recycled plastic by 2025, up from 30% today and among the boldest goals in the industry. Executives at parent company Danone SA BN 2.10% hope the move will help it regain market share and win over plastic detractors who are already pressuring the makers of straws, bags and coffee cups.

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'It Cost Us 5 Million Bucks': CA Farmer Slams Obama-Era Overreach That Led to Huge Fine

Today 01:30 GMT

A California farmer who was hit with a million-dollar fine for plowing a wheat field on his own land is supporting the Trump administration's plan to roll back Obama-era rules designed to protect wetlands and other small bodies of water.

WATCH: Tucker Rips Rep. Ted Lieu for Saying He'd 'Love to Regulate Content of Speech'. 'It Works': Israeli Mayor Says Border Wall With Egypt Eliminated Illegal Immigration in 2 Years. Send me email updates from Fox News.

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Hollywood's laziest pregnancy cliché

Today 01:31 GMT

Hollywood has long struggled to get pregnancy right, from amniotic sac geysers to hilariously bad labor scenes to disturbingly unrealistic newborns.

There's a bigger problem here: Using a woman's pregnancy as the narrative climax of a film is old, it's tired, and it wobbles on the border of being sexist. Women in literature have been inconveniently going into labor since Biblical times, when the unnamed wife of Phinehas gave birth abruptly after hearing that her husband and father-in-law were dead.

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Source: The Guradian

As climate change bites in America’s midwest, farmers are desperate to ring the alarm

Wednesday 15:27 GMT

Richard Oswald did not need the latest US government report on the creeping toll of climate change to tell him that farming in the Midwest is facing a grim future, and very likely changing forever.

?But he said as climate change bites, farmers are increasingly accepting of the science as they are forced to spend more money on equipment and seeds to maintain current crop yields. “A lot of them will say there’s nothing we can do about it so we might as well not worry because we can’t have an impact, we just have to live with it,” he said.

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Spill in Mexico sending millions of gallons of sewage into coastal waters off California

Thursday 15:26 GMT

CALIFORNIA MAYOR AMONG HANDFUL OF SURFERS SICKENED BY LATEST SEWAGE SPILL FROM MEXICO. Last year, the mayor was one of several surfers who became sick after surfing in the polluted waters off Imperial Beach due to ongoing sewage spills.

The International Boundary and Water Commission notified local officials on Monday that a pipe had broken on Dec. 7 and has since been sending between 6 to 7 million gallons of sewage per day into the river area, according to Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina.

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A Trip to the Florida of Yore

Thursday 01:32 GMT

They are famous for their pecan-crusted grouper but there’s also a nice Spanish/South American spirit with a great Margarita chicken in honey tequila lime glaze and seafood paella (71 Market St., tamarascafe.com).

More Mar-a-Lago than Key Largo, the Florida I saw (namely Miami and Key West) was full of glitzy, gilded high rises, golf courses, pretentious restaurants, noisy crowds, and way too much traffic for my oh-so-delicate European soul.

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Pakistan's dams threaten mangroves and livelihoods

Thursday 06:05 GMT

According to Saeed Baloch, secretary general of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF), the construction of dams has wreaked havoc with the Indus Delta.

With the construction of dams and barrages, the flow of water has greatly reduced, causing the disappearance of mangroves," Baloch told DW.. "Seventy years ago they spread over 6,000 square kilometres, but now they have shrunk to only 860 square kilometers. The dumping of industrial and human waste is not only polluting the sea but damaging these forests as well," he added.

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NASA's asteroid probe finds evidence of water on ancient space rock

Tuesday 22:46 GMT

A NASA probe that reached a small asteroid called Bennu earlier this month has detected hydrated minerals across the small body's rocky, boulder-strewn surface, indicating the activity of water in the distant past, researchers said Monday.

"Once you've made the clays, they can actually bond and store some of that water in there, make it water bearing, so these hydrated minerals have evidence of liquid water in Bennu's past," she said. "So this is really big news."

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Trump administration to strip pollution protections, harming vital wildlife

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

The Trump administration is planning to strip Obama-era pollution protections from thousands of US streams and millions of acres of wetlands, in a move environmentalists warn will harm vital wildlife and could allow pollution into drinking water.

Mark Ryan, a former water expert at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who helped write the original regulation, said the Trump administration seems poised to reverse core parts of the 2015 rule, as well as some of the protections that were in place before then.

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Trump administration's changes to Clean Water Rule could have wide-ranging impact

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

The Trump administration is planning a major change to a clean water rule in the United States, exempting certain types of creeks and bodies of water from federal protection in a move that may have wide-ranging impacts.

Would remove federal protection on bodies of water like creeks and streams that are only wet after it rains, but federal officials do not have data on the number of bodies of water it would impact.

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