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Auteurs of Horology

Friday 20:01 GMT

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Few people realize that the watch industry is dominated by a handful of large conglomerates with multiple brands in their portfolios. But operating independently on the creative fringes of the market are a number of boutique companies producing small numbers of rarefied watches that reflect the discriminating tastes of their groundbreaking founders.

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CMO Today: Brands Back CGI Influencers

Friday 17:17 GMT

Speaking of controversial YouTubers, working with influencers can be a risky business when the ambassador your brand decides to back gets up to bad behavior.

Lil Miquela’s parents, so to speak, are the folks at Brud—a Los Angeles startup that is creating a cast of CGI social-media characters. She has appeared on buildings across the world as part of an Ugg ad campaign, has a ridiculously huge Instagram following and, of course, has released singles on Spotify.

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11 Christmas movies for people who hate Christmas movies

Saturday 15:25 GMT

No one does Christmas quite like Scandinavia, so it would figure that no one makes a Christmas movie quite like Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

As The AV Club writes, "The Christmas film canon is filled with movies that couch existential questions within a narrative of redemption, but In Bruges foregrounds its existentialism within a narrative of absolution." A black comedy about the aftermath of a hit job gone wrong, this film takes place on the glittering, cold streets of Bruges in the run-up to the holidays.

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Germany's terrorism watch list: What you need to know

Friday 20:01 GMT

The French high-security "Fiche-S" watch list names about 26,000 individuals (not all of them Islamist extremists) who poses a potential threat to the state.

A 2017 report by Germany's domestic intelligence service noted that there are  25,810 "potentially Islamist individuals" in Germany. German authorities are also keeping an eye on certain "relevant individuals" who are close to potential Islamist terrorists and who may abet them commit attacks by providing logistical support, for instance.

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