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Source: Reuters

Wastewater - private equity’s new black gold in U.S. shale

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

His company is one of dozens opening sites like this one that handles, not the lucrative oil, but the shale industry’s dirty secret: wastewater.

While U.S. oil production has reached record levels on account of the shale revolution of the last decade, much of the supporting infrastructure has failed to keep up, including how to transport the large quantities of water used in the hydraulic fracturing process and the water that is produced from wells alongside oil and gas.

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Source: BBC

How one quiet lorry sparked a toxic waste crisis

Wednesday 20:54 GMT

The state government has allocated RM6.4m ($1.5m; £1.1m), and the federal government RM8m ($1.9m; £1.4m), to clean up the consequences of that single lorry's waste.

"Based on our investigations, around 20 to 40 tonnes of chemical waste was illegally dumped into parts of the river," said Mohammad Ezzani Mat Salleh from the local environment ministry. But what would happen next would expose just how vulnerable local communities are in the area.

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Source: Fox News

Trump accuses Democrats of 'wasting everyone's time' with 'nonsense' investigations

Saturday 14:29 GMT

President Trump accused House Democrats on Friday of “wasting everyone’s time” with their numerous investigations into his administration, businesses and campaign, calling them a “continuation of the same nonsense.”

Thus far, only a fraction of those targeted in the probe have responded or complied with the document requests by the Nadler-imposed deadline of March 18.

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