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Latino turnout up 174% in 2018 midterms elections, Democrats say

Thursday 10:49 GMT

The Democratic party says a $30m investment in engaging Latino and other minority voters helped it achieve a net gain of 34 House seats and improve on 2014 turnout.

Luján, the first Latino to serve as DCCC chair, attributed high turnout among the Democratic base – which includes Latinos, millennials, African Americans, Asians and women – to the “unprecedented” $30m investment. He said the Latino vote was especially consequential in a handful of House races across demographically diverse Sun Belt battlegrounds: Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Texas.

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Source: The Guradian

Wednesday US briefing: Democrats hail surge in Latino midterms turnout

Thursday 10:49 GMT

Latino turnout increased by 174% at the 2018 midterms, according to Democrats, who have credited the party’s $30m investment in minority voter engagement with a surge in Hispanic congressional representation.

From January, there will be a record number of Hispanic lawmakers on Capitol Hill, with at least 34 Democrats and eight Republicans across both chambers. A top White House adviser, Mira Ricardel, is thought to be on her way out of the administration after clashing with the first lady, Melania Trump, who has taken the rare step of publicly calling for her dismissal.

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Orientation in Congress Is Meant for Winners. This Year, It’s Complicated

Thursday 20:56 GMT

“The seating arrangements at the orientation are as complicated as a Greek wedding,” said Brad Fitch, a former congressional aide who is now a consultant on Capitol Hill.

Democrat Ben McAdams, who holds a slight lead in his bid to unseat Utah Republican Rep. Mia Love, chose to attend this week’s House freshman orientation despite his rather unusual official name tag: “Candidate.” “People congratulate you and then you’re not sure if you should put an asterisk on that congratulations or let it go,” said Mr. McAdams.

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Yes, it's infuriating when women back Trump. But why do men get a free pass?

Sunday 09:53 GMT

US writer and legal commentator Elie Mystal was retweeted 9,500 times when he pointed out that 59% of white women in Texas voted for Ted Cruz, a man who still supports Trump even though Trump once retweeted a comment denigrating Cruz’s wife for her looks.

It’s striking how no one talks about trying to win over white Republican men, even though far more men vote Republican – 60% versus 49% of women.

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