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Laura Ingraham: Elitist Democrats are failing the vision test for Middle America

Saturday 11:44 GMT

From their Russian obsession to their embrace of open borders to green lighting and infanticide, they just keep failing the vision tests for Middle America.

Wednesday gave us a bird's eye view of how starkly different the president's priorities are from those of the Democrats. On Wednesday, President Trump headed to Texas to focus on two important issues.

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Kuwait finance minister talks up push for economic diversification from oil

Saturday 12:40 GMT

For years Kuwait capitalized on having the third-largest oil reserves in the world by investing in lucrative oil discovery projects.

They will continue to produce oil in the future but rather than using the revenue from oil exports for oil discovery projects, the country has undertaken significant infrastructure projects to attract more foreign investment. Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf, Kuwait’s minister of finance, said that over the past decade they have doubled the size of their healthcare system.

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Who will survive 'Game of Thrones'?

Saturday 17:13 GMT

Students at the Technical University of Munich on Friday unveiled an algorithm that scours the internet searching for Game of Thrones information to determine who will survive until the very end.

The world is gearing up for the beginning of the end as "Game of Thrones" premiers the first episode of season eight, the final season of the award-winning television series. Project supervisor Guy Yachdav said the algorithm used longevity analysis, a technique used to forecast the effects of medical procedures and treatments.

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Sudan military 'trying to steal the revolution'

Saturday 18:09 GMT

Sudanese protesters and opposition groups voiced their anger on Friday at the military council who deposed Sudan's Omar al-Bashir in a coup two days before.

Sudanese opposition groups have dismissed the military council as "playing games" after it backpedaled on a two-year transition. With army loyalties split, the division could prove dangerous.

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Ngarigo: Australia's people of the snow – a photo essay

Monday 02:23 GMT

They engaged consultants, Ecological Australia, to conduct the necessary enquiries and met with five members of the Ngarigo community onsite in May last year.

It’s in the caw of the crow above that the Ngarigo, the Indigenous people of the Snowy Mountains, hear the voices of ancestors.

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New generation of Cypriots seek to end island’s division in Nicosia’s ‘dead zone’

Monday 08:03 GMT

Spyrou may cross from a checkpoint in the south, Ruzgar may arrive from a checkpoint in the north, but when they meet in the buffer zone on the home’s first floor, facing each other from opposite sides of a desk, they are Cypriots first and foremost.

In that space of barbed wire, sandbags and guard posts, there is no place that conjures division more than the Ledra Palace hotel. What was once a magnet for Hollywood stars, the go-to establishment for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, famed as much for its ballroom as its invention of the brandy sour, has come to symbolise the failure of countless peace envoys, diplomats and politicians to reunite Europe’s last divided capital.

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Here’s what you need to know about CUSMA and digital trade

Monday 14:29 GMT

Google is praising the internet trade provisions in the new North American trade pact as a “framework for the digital age.”

In contrast, the new [Canada-U.S.-Mexico-Agreement (CUSMA)] includes a comprehensive set of digital trade provisions that keep the internet open, and protect the businesses and consumers that rely on it,” the statement read, bringing digital trade back into the spotlight. While it’s true that the CUSMA’s predecessor, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), did not discuss e-commerce, there have been mixed reactions about the effectiveness of the CUSMA’s (known as the USMCA in the U.S.) digital trade provisions, outlined in Chapter 19 of the document.

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Why Andrea Dworkin is the radical, visionary feminist we need in our terrible times

Wednesday 12:40 GMT

These are the words of Andrea Dworkin, addressing an anti-sexist men’s organisation in 1983, in her acclaimed speech I Want a 24-Hour Truce in Which There Is No Rape.

Dworkin got it so right when she told me, only months before she died: “Women will come back to feminism, because things are going to get far, far worse for us before they get better.”

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The science of dying

Thursday 12:40 GMT

Not only science, but religions and esoterics are intensively concerned with the described experiences, which can vary greatly depending on cultural or regional interpretation.

This is true for the human body, which consists of billions and billions of cells that divide every day and thus ensure growth. Living organisms have a very effective method of destroying superfluous or potentially dangerous cells such as viruses or cancer cells: programmed cell death.

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Can Canada protect firms from U.S. lawsuits over Cuba Not really: experts

Thursday 20:00 GMT

Trump administration to allow U.S. lawsuits over properties seized by Castro’s Cuba. U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration broke with yet another diplomatic norm on Monday by refusing to suspend a key clause in the Helms-Burton Act, part of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba, which allows Americans to sue companies operating or profiting from confiscated property.

The Canadian government is not ruling out launching a challenge at the World Trade Organization, after the U.S. gave the green light to lawsuits that could see Americans claim billions of dollars worth of recompense over property confiscated during the Cuban Revolution.

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‘I’m having a good day,’ Trump says following release of redacted Mueller report

Today 12:40 GMT

U.S. President Donald Trump said he was “having a good day” on Thursday, following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, adding: “It’s called no collusion, no obstruction.” “There never was, by the way, and there never will be,” he said while at a Wounded Warriors event as the report was published online and submitted to Congress.

Mueller said there was “some evidence” suggesting Trump knew about former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s controversial calls with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office, but evidence was “inconclusive” and could not be used to establish intent to obstruct. Despite this, Trump’s legal team also reacted to the release by saying it is a “victory for the president.”

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