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Alan Cross’ weekly music picks: New Avril and Alexisonfire will warm you up


The combination of all these influences caught the attention of the music supervisor of Killing Eve, which featured some of their music.

Anchored on drums by Joey Armstrong, son of Green Day’s Billie Joe (the band is joined on tour by bassist Jakob Danger Armstrong, Joey’s brother), SWMRS have been releasing music since 2011. For this EP, though, they’ve let loose with satiric shots at Trumpers and Brexiters (Give Stupidity a Chance), the increasing gap between the rich and poor (What Are We Going to Do About the Rich?) and the scourge of social media.

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Suspect linked to shooting of Auburn, Ala., police officer dies in fire after barricading self, police say

Sunday 06:03 GMT

A suspect linked to the Friday shooting of a police officer in Auburn, Ala., died in a fire at the apartment where he had later barricaded himself, according to reports.

The suspect, identified as Christopher James Wallace, 38, allegedly shot the police officer multiple times around 5:30 p.m. when the officer was responding to a report of a robbery in progress at a local drug store, AL.com reported.

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The Freedom Artist by Ben Okri review – visions of dystopia

Sunday 10:48 GMT

Ben Okri’s impassioned fable is a vision of hell on Earth, a Stygian dystopia in which anyone who questions the regime is punished.

We are asked to recognise that we are all imprisoned sleepwalkers who must embrace, through a renewed culture of reading, our freedom. This question, daubed on the city’s walls by dissidents, is thus also put to the reader.

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On President’s Day let’s reflect on the role faith played in our founders' vision for America

Monday 19:59 GMT

So, hopefully, this Presidents Day gives you an extra moment of rest but also time to reflect on — and be grateful for — how our nation’s leaders have exercised their faith while serving in government.

Instead of kings who wield absolute power for entire lifetimes, America was established as a nation ruled by the people. The government’s ability to wrest power from the people was reined in by an ingenious system of checks and balances.

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'Stumbling stones': a different vision of Holocaust remembrance

Tuesday 07:08 GMT

On a recent winter afternoon, several dozen residents of Duisburger Strasse in Berlin huddled together to commemorate the people on their street who died in the Holocaust.

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Gene therapy first to 'halt' blindness

Tuesday 08:03 GMT

A woman from Oxford has become the first person in the world to have gene therapy to try to halt the most common form of blindness in the Western world.

Mrs Osborne, 80, is the first of 10 patients with AMD taking part in a trial of the gene therapy treatment, manufactured by Gyroscope Therapeutics, funded by Syncona, the Wellcome Trust founded investment firm. He told BBC news: "A genetic treatment administered early on to preserve vision in patients who would otherwise lose their sight would be a tremendous breakthrough in ophthalmology and certainly something I hope to see in the near future."

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Is promotion and relegation any closer in US soccer?

Tuesday 08:59 GMT

The issue of promotion and relegation in America is still a matter of debate throughout the country’s soccer communities.

A year after Carlos Cordeiro was elected US Soccer president in a free-for-all that threw everything in the sport up for debate, the federation convened for a much quieter annual meeting over the weekend. Hall of Fame player Cindy Cone was officially declared vice president, a foregone conclusion after she was the only candidate to secure a nomination.

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Barclays profits flat amid UK 'uncertainty'

Friday 19:05 GMT

Therein lies the puzzle of the UK banking sector which explains lowly share prices; like Schrödinger's cat, no-one's quite sure what state it's in."

If the economy suffers after the UK's departure from the EU, the extra allowance will help Barclays cover costs such as rising bad debts. The bank's chief executive, Jes Staley, said 2018 had been a "very significant" year, with several issues resolved.

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Peter Tork, Monkees bassist, dies, aged 77

Friday 21:50 GMT

Peter Tork, an accomplished musician best known as the comedic bass player and keyboarder for the 1960s US band the Monkees, died Thursday at the age of 77.

His passing was met with condolences and warm words from a number of colleagues, including a Twitter tribute from Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, who wrote: "I'm sad to hear about Peter Tork passing. Tork pursued a number of solo projects after his departure from the band, yet none of these could match his early fame.

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