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Source: The Guradian

The strange jewellery stealing prank that has gone viral in China

Wednesday 21:51 GMT

Welcome to the absurd “jewellery-stealing prank” that has taken off in China, with people posting videos of themselves online looking like they’re about to – and then not – stealing jewellery. The “prank” may turn out to be a publicity stunt, though it is not clear what it might be advertising, given we never see any detail of the jewellery and the “thief” ends up looking like a callous joker.

In another, two women in China’s eastern Zhejiang province lie prone on a pedestrian crossing, with their Gucci bags and make-up spilled onto the street.

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Source: Fox News

Utah bobcat named ‘Mr. Murderbritches’ goes viral after he swats, hisses during release into wild

Wednesday 19:06 GMT

Murderbritches" – has made headlines for his feisty personality, which he exhibited with swats and hisses as Joshua Carver, a conservation officer with the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), first released the snarling cat back into the wild after he was caught “red pawed” eating a chicken out of a coop in Kanarraville. The video, initially posted by the Utah DWR on Nov. 26, went viral after the Center for Biological Diversity, a non-profit organization based in Arizona, reposted it with “quotes” from the feline himself.

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