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Church steeples in UK becoming Wi-Fi hotspots in effort to connect rural villages

Today 12:43 GMT

St. Giles Church in the rural Essex County looks similar to the more than 8,000 parish churches that dot the English countryside.

Up until about two years ago, residents of the village of Great Maplestead – like many other hamlets and rural communities in the United Kingdom – have had no or, at best, severely limited Wi-Fi coverage and turning the house of worship into a hotspot is the latest move to help residents in rural England get connected.

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Source: New York Times

An Ancient Tuscan Village, Like Italy, Is Reshaped by Migration

Today 13:39 GMT

By then, European leaders had blocked the route north, shutting down the migration trails through Italy or the Balkans, even as people kept coming across the Mediterranean.

Nationally, the immigration issue is so toxic politically that, before Christmas, Parliament balked at passing a law to naturalize 800,000 children — some arrived at a young age with parents who have long-term residence and work permits, while others were born in Italy.

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Source: The Week

One man's quest to find his ancestral home

Tuesday 11:48 GMT

In May 2016, Russell Low crossed the Pacific from his San Diego home and trekked to two remote villages connected to his great grandparents' families in southern China's Guangdong Province.

He bowed in front of the ancestral altar and clasped hands with a village elder, who told him, "You're the first descendant who ever came back to the village." Russell Low (middle) stands with distant relatives in front of the home of his great-grandfather, Hung Lai Wah, in China's Guangdong Province during a visit in May 2016.

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