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Venezuela ex-prosecutor: I have proof of Maduro corruption

Today 06:06 GMT

Venezuela's dismissed chief prosecutor says she has proof of corruption within the top leadership, including evidence against President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela's controversial new constituent assembly sacked her for misconduct, with President Maduro saying she had ignored corruption cases sent to her by the government. Mr Ferrer is accused of extortion and corruption allegedly happening within the office of the chief prosecutor.

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Venezuelans make a big impression at Little League World Series

Wednesday 23:45 GMT

The Venezuelan team showed up at the Little League World Series last week with the tiniest player, the smallest rooting section and some of the longest odds to win the title.

The team paid whatever debt it owed with a warm display of sportsmanship in Monday’s victory over the Dominican Republic, one that started and ended with Omar Romero, the smallest player in the World Series at 4 feet 8 and 78 pounds.

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Vice President Mike Pence continued his high-wire act abroad last week

Monday 15:27 GMT

Vice President Mike Pence engaged in a familiar balancing act last week during his fourth trip abroad, firmly defending President Donald Trump while seeking to calm foreign leaders perturbed by news emanating from the White House.

"In a very real sense, I believe that President Trump has restored the credibility of American power," Pence said in Argentina.

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Venezuela youth orchestra tour is canceled, pushing Dudamel into the center of a political storm

Wednesday 01:36 GMT

On Friday, Venezuela’s beleaguered president, Nicolás Maduro, criticized Dudamel by name on television, and then on Sunday, Maduro canceled the youth orchestra tour.

With his home country in crisis, L.A. Phil's Dudamel finds himself the target of Venezuelan president. Dennis Prager draws classical newbies, and a musicians' boycott, at Disney Hall concert

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Where is the world's most dangerous country for young people?

Tuesday 09:01 GMT

The number of HIV-related deaths has halved in ten years, but still takes a heavy toll in countries such as Lesotho, where it kills 218 of every 100,000 young people.

In Venezuela, traffic injuries cause 29% of young deaths, but they kill 70 out of 100,000 young people every year – the highest rate in the world. In Luxembourg, one of the safest countries in the world, 46% of youth mortality is caused by road accidents, but the related mortality rate is just under 10 per 100,000 – almost half the average global rate.

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Gustavo Dudamel: Venezuela star conductor's tour cancelled

Tuesday 17:18 GMT

Venezuelan star conductor Gustavo Dudamel has confirmed media reports that his US tour with Venezuela's National Youth Orchestra has been cancelled.

On Monday, three days after that public criticism, Venezuelan media reported that the US tour of Venezuela's National Youth Orchestra under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel had been cancelled by the president's office. Some Venezuelan media speculated that it was cancelled "in revenge" for the conductor speaking out against the government but others pointed out the high cost of transporting the young musicians to the US at a time when the Venezuelan government is running low on foreign currency reserves.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte