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Duke Energy To Raise $2 Billion Through Stock Sale To Offset Tax Reform Hit

Today 13:38 GMT

Utility operator Duke Energy Corp. plans to tap equity markets to bolster its balance sheet and offset the strain tax reform has placed on cash flow, according to Chief Financial Officer Steve Young.

Moody’s Investors Service Inc. reduced the outlook for 24 regulated utilities and utility holding companies to negative from stable in January, saying they would be adversely impacted by tax reform.

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Source: NBC News

Why does restoring full power in Puerto Rico seem like a never-ending task?

Tuesday 13:38 GMT

About a third of Puerto Rico's residents — over 900,000 — are still living without electricity five months after Hurricane Maria battered the island on Sept. 20th of last year.

To reduce costs and avoid a shutdown, Puerto Rico has activated a contingency plan that consists of reducing power to energy reserves that handle generation failures like the one that took place on Feb. 12 in northern Puerto Rico.

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