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Source: Washington Post

PM Update: Clouds and spots of drizzle tonight. Springlike warmth arrives by Tuesday afternoon.

Today 02:27 GMT

Clouds should clear from south to north in the afternoon, and depending on how early in the afternoon this occurs, high temps will spike into the mid- to upper 60s.

Through Tonight: Calling it mostly dry for the evening and overnight period, although we can’t completely rule out some areas of drizzle, especially east of D.C. Otherwise, we are stuck with the low cloud cover for the duration tonight, with some patchy fog likely to develop in low-lying spots.

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Google Chrome Now Blocks Irksome Ads. That’s a Good Thing, Right?

Monday 17:16 GMT

On Thursday, Google did something about the problem: The company updated its browser, Google Chrome, so that it bans such ads by default on mobile devices and desktop computers.

It will affect only those websites that allow four types of desktop ads and eight types of mobile ads that violate the standards established by a group called the Coalition for Better Ads, of which Google is a member (as is Facebook).

1 Article
Source: Washington Post

PM Update: Clouds on the increase tonight. Mild with afternoon showers Monday.

Monday 21:51 GMT

On the other side of Australia, dozens of people were rescued from huge swells created by Cyclone Gita, which is on track to make landfall in New Zealand early this week.

Presidents’ Day (Monday): Mostly cloudy skies greet us in the morning, with a slight chance at some spotty showers, especially to the south and east of the District.

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