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Barack Obama's '44' bomber jacket wins praise on Twitter, has fans wondering where it came from

Friday 16:21 GMT

In recent days, President Barack Obama had fans and fashionistas alike going wild over his latest look: a black bomber jacket embroidered with “44” on the left sleeve.

“You may be cool but you will never be former President Barack Obama at the Duke versus North Carolina game wearing an all black bomber jacket with an embroidered number 44 on the sleeve, cool,” another agreed. “CAN WE TALK ABOUT OBAMA’S ALL BLACK OUTFIT WITH THE BOMBER JACKET WITH “44” MONOGRAMMED ON THE SLEVE (sic) BECAUSE THATS PRESIDENTIAL LEVELS OF SAUCE,” one shouted.

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Source: Fox News

Kamala Harris reacts to Jussie Smollett arrest: 'Sad, frustrated, and disappointed'

Today 01:29 GMT

Sen. Kamala Harris, who once labeled the Jussie Smollet attack claim an "attempted modern day lynching," spoke out on Thursday after Smollett was charged and arrested with disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report.

CHICAGO POLICE BLAST JUSSIE SMOLLETT ‘PHONY ATTACK’: ‘BOGUS POLICE REPORTS CAUSE REAL HARM’. Smollett, who is openly gay and black, reported that on Jan. 29 he was attacked by two masked men as he was walking home from a Subway restaurant.

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Source: The Guradian

Why on earth is climate skeptic, Twitter troll Trevor Bauer MLB most hated man?

Friday 06:04 GMT

He may not be the most reviled man in US sports just yet, but Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer seems hell-bent on earning the title.

If this all seems familiar, it’s because It’s the standard operating procedure of a particularly single-minded Twitter troll, albeit one with the follower count of a high-profile pro athlete. Because of his actions, the affair escalated from a rude exchange into something that bordered on cyberstalking of his part.

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Source: Reuters

Nike shares slip, faces Twitter storm after sneaker fail

Friday 14:30 GMT

(Reuters) - Shares of Nike Inc fell nearly 2 percent on Thursday, a day after a sneaker worn by emerging basketball star Zion Williamson split in half 33 seconds into a hotly anticipated game between Duke University and North Carolina.

Nike shares were down about 1 percent at $84.03 in early trading on the New York Stock Exchange, while its relatively thinly-traded shares on the Frankfurt market (NKE.F) fell around 1 percent.

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