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Turkey: Could the US damage its economy?

Today 06:04 GMT

President Trump has said the US will "devastate Turkey economically" if Ankara decides to attack Kurdish groups in Syria.

Confidence in Turkey was beginning to wane last year over concerns that the economy was overheating due to huge spending and borrowing. In addition, the Turkish government has taken away some power from the central bank, leading investors to worry about the direction of fiscal policy.

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Source: Reuters

How Trump slowed rush for Syria exits after huddle in Iraq

Wednesday 20:00 GMT

U.S. President Donald Trump was reeling from sharp rebukes at home and abroad over his surprise announcement last month to immediately pull American troops out of Syria when he flew into the al Asad airbase in neighboring Iraq the day after Christmas.

Lieutenant General Paul LaCamera, the commander of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, explained to a president who had lost patience with the war why too rapid a withdrawal could not be done without putting troops at risk, according to three officials familiar with the briefing, the contents of which have not been reported in such detail.

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Why the Kurds matter in Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria

Tuesday 12:39 GMT

Kurdish fighters in northern and eastern Syria are suddenly looking to make friends with two rivals of the United States, after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the U.S. troops who fought alongside the Kurds to secure the region against the Islamic State.

Israel says it struck Iranian arms depot at Syrian airport, ends hunt for Hezbollah tunnels. For the YPG, one priority is recovering Afrin from the rebels who seized it in a Turkey-backed offensive last year.

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Source: The Guradian

Monday US briefing: Trump threatens to 'devastate Turkey economically'

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

Donald Trump has said the US will “devastate” Turkey’s economy if Ankara decides to attack Kurdish forces following the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. In a tweet, the president also urged the Kurds not to “provoke” Turkey.

A spokesman for the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, replied that it was a “fatal mistake” for Trump to confuse Syrian Kurds – who have allied with the US during the Syrian conflict – with the Kurdistan Workers party (PKK), a longstanding enemy of the Turkish state. Rightwing religious hardliners have introduced new bills in at least six US states to “protect religious freedom” as part of a Christian nationalist political strategy known as Project Blitz.

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Trump threatens Turkey over Syria's Kurds

Tuesday 02:25 GMT

US President Donald Trump has threatened to "devastate Turkey economically" if it attacks Kurdish forces in Syria following a planned pullout of US troops.

Over the intervening years the number of US troops in Syria has increased, and a network of bases and airfields has been established in an arc across the north-eastern part of the country.

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