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Source: BBC

Ad that fooled Amazon device cleared

Thursday 09:01 GMT

A television ad for Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker that caused a viewer's device to try to order cat food has been cleared by a UK regulator.

In this case, the ad did cause the device to initiate an order for cat food, and the user cancelled the order personally. However, ASA said that Amazon had programmed Alexa to automatically cancel any orders that had not been actively confirmed by the customer.

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Source: New York Times

The Transgressive Appeal of the Comedy Murder Podcast

Saturday 18:11 GMT

It started a comedy podcast, “Martinis & Murder,” in which the two hosts get tipsy on homicide-themed cocktails, audibly squirm over the gory details, make catty judgments about the suspects’ life choices and use particulars of the crimes as setups for sarcastic jokes.

The injection of alcohol transports the podcast to a kind of alternate-reality space where the rules of feminine propriety are suspended — and where murder is something to laugh off, not seriously fear.

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Source: The Guradian

Could A Very Fatal Murder kill off the true-crime podcast?

Today 03:23 GMT

The only drawback is for the listener, who will struggle to keep a straight face next time they hear a true-crime podcast and remember that Pascall is out there somewhere, searching for his next photogenic subject.

If you’re familiar with the gory juggernaut of a genre that is the true-crime podcast, you will know this scenario is only a slight exaggeration – and that the genre is ripe for a spoof.

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