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Source: The Guradian

UK online pornography age block triggers privacy fears

Sunday 15:23 GMT

The government will next week confirm the launch date for a UK-wide age block on online pornography as privacy campaigners continue to raise concerns about how websites and age verification companies will use the data they collect.

The plan for implementing the long-delayed age block, which has been beset by technical difficulties, is expected to be announced alongside the government’s other proposals for tackling online content harmful to children, although it could be several months before the system is fully up and running.

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Source: Reuters

Nebraska floods inundate military bases, cut off nuclear plant

Tuesday 19:05 GMT

(Reuters) - Flooding that killed three people in Nebraska and Iowa has cut roads to a nuclear power plant and inundated a significant portion of a major U.S. Air Force base, while more of region’s residents faced the possibility of evacuation on Monday.

The floodwater forced the operators of the Cooper nuclear plant, near Brownville, Nebraska, to fly in staff and supplies by helicopter, and covered one-third of that state’s Offutt Air Force Base, near Bellevue, home to the U.S. Strategic Command.

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Source: CTV

Voting marathon over SNC-Lavalin scandal ends, 30 hours later

Saturday 05:09 GMT

The record-setting House of Commons marathon voting session over the SNC-Lavalin scandal has come to an end, more than 30 hours after it began.

The longest yet voting marathon of this Parliament ended with relatively little fanfare, except for some jeers from the opposition benches, and applause from bleary-eyed MPs. The continuous voting wiped out more than a day of government business, while the SNC-Lavalin controversy is set to wage on.

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