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Source: The Guradian

Malawi starts landmark trial of first ever child malaria vaccine

Today 01:30 GMT

Malawi will begin immunising young children against malaria today, in a landmark large-scale pilot of the first vaccine to give partial protection against the disease, the World Health Organization said.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and Unitaid are providing just under $50m (£38m) to fund the first phase of the pilots in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana.

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Source: DW

France's ex-premier Francois Fillon to face trial over fake jobs

Today 06:04 GMT

Francois Fillon had been on course to win the French presidency two years ago, before revelations published by the investigative newspaper Le Canard Enchaine in January 2017 shattered his credibility.

Marc Joulaud replaced Fillon in the National Assembly while Fillon served as prime minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy from 2007-2012. Fillon himself admitted taking an interest-free loan of €50,000 euros from the magazine's owner Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, without declaring it to a transparency watchdog, according to AFP.

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Source: Fox News

Woman indicted in 1975 cold case dies before trial

Monday 22:44 GMT

The cold case 1975 murder of Georgia teenager may never see all of its questions answered, as the accused killer who'd been arrested two years ago has died, investigators revealed.

But investigators learned only recently that she died in hospice care last October in San Antonio where she was free on bond.

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The shocking rape trial that galvanised Spain’s feminists – and the far right

Today 05:09 GMT

The outcome of the trial galvanised feminists in Spain like never before, turning feminism into a movement with unprecedented visibility and real political power.

On 13 November 2017, the first day of the wolf pack trial, a famous TV presenter glibly polled his followers on Twitter: “Do you think it was rape or consensual sex?” Followers had to select one option or the other. He deleted the tweet after a storm of condemnation, but not before thousands had picked and clicked their answer.

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Bahrain king restores 550 citizens' nationality

Monday 14:29 GMT

"Deprivation of nationality must not be arbitrary, especially on discriminatory grounds," she said, stressing that "arbitrary deprivation of nationality places the individuals concerned and their family members in a situation of increased vulnerability to human rights violations." Those convicted — Shiite Bahraini citizens, according to a judicial source — belonged to a group of 169 people accused of forming a "terror" group with links to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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Source: Global News

How safe is it to take medication during pregnancy?

Monday 09:53 GMT

Motherisk, operated by Toronto’s SickKids Hospital since 1985, provided advice to women on which medications were safe to use in pregnancy, and which weren’t.

Although an estimated nine in 10 women take some kind of medication during pregnancy, obstetrical care providers are often “without adequate information regarding the safety, efficacy and proper doses of many commonly used medications,” according to a recent editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine. The gaps in knowledge are “huge,” said Dr. Wee Shian Chan, an obstetrical medicine specialist and head of medicine at B.C. Women’s Hospital.

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