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Source: Fox News

Community Board Rejects Co-Naming Street After Fallen NYPD War Hero

Tuesday 17:16 GMT

The parents of a fallen NYPD officer who was killed while serving in Iraq are petitioning a Manhattan community board's rejection to co-name a street after their son.

"We thought it was a done deal and the community said no.". ‘I Think He Just Nuked His Chances’: The Five Reacts to Swalwell’s Gun Control Tweets. McNaughton's father said that the board denied the co-naming because of the potential to confuse taxi drivers by having too many street signs on a pole.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

Michigan hunter rescued after getting stuck upside down in tree stand

Tuesday 21:51 GMT

A hunter in Michigan is likely glad to be back on terra firma after being stuck hanging upside down from a tree stand – 40 feet in the air – for nearly three hours in chilly temperatures.

The Michigan hunter's mishap follows a similar incident from earlier this year, during which a 70-year-old Oregon hunter was stuck upside-down in his tree stand, over 20 feet in the air, for two days. He's a tough guy, didn’t get no complaints out of him dangling from a tree like that,” Wallgren said.

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