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Michigan GOP Senate candidate says incumbent has ‘failed’ Detroit, African American neighborhoods


Walking the streets of Detroit’s working-class African American neighborhoods, Republican Senate candidate John James seems at home – maybe because he is.

James is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who in 2012 captured 94 percent of the African American vote. The latest polling by a Republican firm puts James down 9 points against Stabenow, but some believe he has a good shot at cutting into Stabenow’s core voting bloc.

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Source: Fox News

‘Killer’ tiger hunt: Trackers use Calvin Klein scent in desperate attempt to catch big cat


Ordeñana, who has used Calvin Klein Obsession in an attempt to lure jaguars in Nicaragua, says that scent baits can pose challenges.

Citing officials, The New York Times reports that rangers plan to use Calvin Klein Obsession to lure the tigress, who has killed 13 people over the last two years. Accompanied by her two cubs, the tiger, known as ‘Avni’ or T-1, has terrorized people living around the central Indian town of Pandharkawada.

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