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Source: BBC

Google Maps 'deter outback tourists'

Today 09:55 GMT

Tourism operators in Australia claim inaccuracies in Google Maps are deterring potential visitors, by making remote attractions appear further away than they actually are.

In one case, the journey time from Birdsville, on the Queensland border, up to the Western Star Hotel in Windorah, in the centre of the state, was estimated to be close to 11 hours by Google Maps. "People will get frightened of travelling in the outback, because they don't have any confidence in the mapping," the general manager of the small town museum added.

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Source: DW

France: Emmanuel Macron begins 'grand debate' tour

Today 14:30 GMT

French President Emmanuel Macron met with about 600 mayors across the Normandy region on Tuesday in his first session of a two-month national debate tour he promisedin response to the country's "yellow vest" movement.

The French president encouraged people to list their grievances and propose changes to the nation's economy during a "great debate." The tour is aimed at quelling the "yellow vest" movement.

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A Grand English Castle in the Wiltshire Countryside

Tuesday 12:39 GMT

If you have notions of living in a proper English castle, Devizes Castle in Wiltshire offers the expected castellations and turrets as well as history that dates to the 11th century.

The current castle was built in the 1830s and stands on top of ruins of a former royal household that was passed down through kings and queens for 500 years from the 1130s, until 1648 when it was dismantled in the English Civil War.

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