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Paradise lost: Photos show town before and after the Camp Fire destroyed it

Today 11:46 GMT

Rescuers are slowly documenting the full scope of the fire that wiped out Paradise, Calif., through a collection of photos that show the ruins of each building destroyed in the blaze.

California power lines come under scrutiny. CalFire has been meticulously inspecting each structure destroyed by the Camp Fire, which torched nearly 12,000 structures when it ripped through Paradise last week. Inspectors have posted photos of each destroyed structure online, so that the 27,000 people who were forced to evacuate the area last week can look up the fate of their homes.

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Source: The Guradian

Guatemala volcano eruption forces evacuation of 4,000 residents

Tuesday 12:41 GMT

About 4,000 residents have been evacuated from Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire as red-hot rock and ash spewed into the sky and cascaded down the slopes toward an area devastated by a deadly eruption earlier this year.

Enma Hernández, 42, left her home in El Rodeo to evacuate, but – like many men in the town – her 20-year-old son stayed behind to protect the family home from looters.

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Source: The Guradian

Rebuilding Paradise: California town devastated by fire looks to future

Monday 12:39 GMT

The wind-driven Camp fire moved across the Feather River Canyon in northern California with a speed even experienced firefighters like Garcia had rarely seen.

Since the disaster began, local government officials have emphasized the commitment to rebuilding the town, even though its location means that fire is always a risk. But it will probably take at least five to 10 years to restore the town, and it may take longer for individual residents, said Robert B Olshansky, an expert in post-disaster recovery.

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Source: BBC

'I survived the Jonestown cult massacre'

Monday 08:59 GMT

Sunday 18 November is the 40th anniversary of the notorious Jonestown massacre where more than 900 people died at a settlement run by Christian cult leader Jim Jones.

Krause, who survived the ambush and was the first journalist allowed on the scene of the massacre, said that even dogs and the Jonestown pet chimpanzee died alongside the residents. The total death toll, including the airstrip killings and Jones himself, totalled 918 people.

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The C-word: what are we saying when we talk about cults?

Tuesday 01:29 GMT

Whatever the explanation, I believe that the current popularity of cult stories presents an opportunity for these stories to be told differently – more sympathetically, with an emphasis on the humanity of followers rather than just the bloodshed and crazy-charismatic leaders.

Is the violence of the group’s demise, and our eagerness to distance ourselves from it, ultimately to blame for the persistence of the “cult” label?

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Source: The Week

How one tiny town is battling 'rural brain drain'

Monday 10:51 GMT

This story originally appeared as How one tiny town is battling 'rural brain drain' on Pacific Standard, an editorial partner site.

That's in contrast to many rural counties across America that are shedding young residents, who head off to college or better job opportunities and don't come back — a pattern called "rural brain drain." Onalaska is beginning to see its recent graduates decide to stick around, or return after earning a degree, buy property in town, and start families rather than pursuing jobs in larger cities.

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