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David Bowie: Finding Fame review – a pretty tough watch for fans

Monday 10:48 GMT

For those of us for whom Bowie remains the last word in cool, pick ’n’ mix musical genius, avant garde gender-bending and transgressive self-reinvention, there were some pretty tough moments in David Bowie: Finding Fame (BBC2).

Bowie was, for once, not master manipulator of sound and vision, not virtuoso of a thousand disguises, but something sweeter: unguarded boy with a broken heart.

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Can this technology put an end to bullying?

Monday 20:55 GMT

While our access to technology is increasing the potential for bullying – 59% of US teens say they have been bullied online – it could also help to stamp it out.

Recent revelations of sexual harassment within major technology firms in Silicon Valley have shone a light on how bullying and discrimination can impact people in the workplace. Almost half of women have experienced some form of discrimination while working in the European tech industry.

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Source: The Week

Will Amy Klobuchar's tough-on-crime history come back to haunt her?

Tuesday 08:04 GMT

Less likely to fade, though, is her history as a "no-nonsense prosecutor" in an era where liberal voters find the tough-on-crime tactics of late-1990s Democrats to be increasingly repugnant.

Like California Senator Kamala Harris, another former prosecutor running for the Democratic nomination, Klobuchar built her early political reputation as an aggressive prosecutor. Now Klobuchar and Harris face a primary electorate that has tired of the War on Drugs and is worried about the effect of over-incarceration — a late 2018 poll suggests 87 percent of Democrats support a reduction in the prison population.

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Angela Merkel’s successor seeks tougher line on immigration

Tuesday 17:15 GMT

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats have met in an effort to shore up their credentials on immigration.

The CSU, the Bavarian sister party of the CSU, was even worse hit by the hemorrhage of votes to the AfD  and the crisis threatened to bring a decades-old alliance between the two on immigration and security to an end. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Merkel's decision to allow almost a million migrants, many of them refuges from Syria in 2015, proved highly divisive.

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Amid tough trade talk, Trump admin waived steel tariffs for hundreds of companies

Today 10:49 GMT

Despite President Donald Trump’s tough talk on trade, his administration has granted hundreds of companies permission to import millions of tons of steel made in China, Japan and other countries without paying the hefty tariff he put in place to protect U.S. manufacturers and jobs, according to an Associated Press analysis.

READ MORE: U.S. must scrap steel tariffs before new NAFTA deal approved: GOP senator. Warren said in a statement to AP that Trump “claims to be implementing trade policies that put America first, but here’s what the data show: this administration is handing out special tariff exemptions to foreign-owned companies at the expense of American companies.”

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