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Luxembourg election presents tough challenge to PM Xavier Bettel

Sunday 23:40 GMT

The future of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel hangs in the balance as some 256,000 voters head to the polls in the European land-locked Grand Duchy on Sunday.

Opinion polls suggest Bettel could lose the vote due to his unpopular economic policies and declining support within his Democratic Party and coalition partners.

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Bavaria's Free Voters — What you need to know

Monday 21:51 GMT

The Free Voters have scored a record number of votes in Sunday's Bavarian state election and are likely to become part of the government coalition.

The Free Voters party had reason to celebrate Sunday night when the results of Bavaria's state election started rolling in.

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House of Commons culture enabled bullying and sexual harassment – inquiry

Tuesday 09:56 GMT

Parliament needs a “seismic shift” to change a culture of “deference and silence” which has enabled bullying and sexual harassment, a QC-led inquiry into the House of Commons workplace culture has said. The inquiry by Dame Laura Cox, prompted by allegations of bullying against the Speaker, John Bercow, said there was a culture in parliament which “actively sought to cover up abusive conduct” and gave no protection to those reporting bullying or harassment.

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Sears faces tough foe: an unforgiving bankruptcy code

Wednesday 02:26 GMT

(Reuters) - When Sears Holdings Corp filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, it said it would close another 142 unprofitable Sears and Kmart locations and seek to reorganize around financially healthier stores.

The change stems from a 2005 legislative overhaul of the bankruptcy code that forced companies to find an agreement within seven months on its real-estate leases, or allow landlords to walk away from the agreement.

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In U.S. Senate battle in Texas O'Rourke gets tough, but is it too...

Thursday 13:35 GMT

Falling behind in the polls and running out of time, the Democratic contender for the U.S. Senate went on the attack against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in a raucous debate in Texas on Tuesday night, calling him dishonest and resurrecting President Donald Trump’s campaign nickname, “Lyin’ Ted.”. Cruz fired back repeatedly, casting O’Rourke as out of touch with the values of Texas voters during a free-swinging debate that turned personal over divisive issues such as healthcare, climate change and the possible impeachment of Trump.

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U.S. oil service firms face tough quarter despite high crude prices

Thursday 13:35 GMT

Even as crude prices hover near four-year highs, U.S. oilfield service firms’ third-quarter results due out in coming days will reflect a shaky recovery, as their customers face drilling constraints and pressure to hold down spending.

Oil producers are holding off finishing new wells, and cost pressures from tight labor markets and U.S. tariffs on imported steel are driving up service firms’ costs.

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Building a small business that's tougher than steel

Friday 15:27 GMT

Montague founded her nationally certified concrete reinforcement, bridge repair and materials supply firm after a 20-year stint working in the Philadelphia Naval Yard, welding and building ships for the U.S. Navy.

Especially at the very beginning, having a larger cash cushion can help you handle handle startup costs like inventory-building and marketing, while you're still figuring out your revenue stream.

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The Bullies of Real Estate

Friday 17:18 GMT

We have a duty to our clients to present whatever is coming from the other side, but he would make unilateral decisions and threaten me.

The most common form of bullying here is a passive-aggressive running of the clock, which usually happens when buyers and sellers are negotiating terms after an inspection. The selling agent will suddenly become unavailable and hard to reach when the buyer’s agent is trying to send over an amendment for repairs.

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Trump Talks Tough, Sends Mixed Signals on Saudis

Saturday 00:36 GMT

Appeared in the October 19, 2018, print edition as 'Trump Talks Tough, Sends Mixed Signals on Saudis.'. President Trump says dissident journalist is likely dead as Treasury Secretary cancels attendance at Saudi conference

President Trump said Thursday that a prominent Saudi journalist is likely dead and his Treasury secretary called off plans to attend a Saudi investment conference next week, amid strains over how to react to the suspected death of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Ford's manufacturing might in the spotlight of new ads

Saturday 09:55 GMT

In response, Ford Vice President of Communications Mark Truby jabbed Tesla over a “makeshift tent” used to ramp up production of the Model 3, noting that a new F-150 truck rolls off the assembly line “every 53 seconds like clockwork.”

A play on the company’s “Built Ford Tough” slogan associated with its popular pickup trucks – also emphasizes Ford’s work on new technologies such as self-driving cars.

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Europe’s privacy laws are now so tough, they are taking names off doorbells in Vienna.

Saturday 10:49 GMT

They are acting following a complaint by a single tenant, but no court has so far ruled on whether names on doorbells are indeed a violation of Europe’s tough new privacy laws.

Across the Austrian capital, last names are being replaced with numbers to conform with a new far-reaching European privacy law that took effect earlier this year. You approached the building, checked for the correct name from the list at the door and then rang the doorbell.

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How California became Trump's toughest foe

Today 09:00 GMT

Last month, Brown signed a bill moving the presidential primary up to March, ahead of all but four states, which should dramatically expand California's influence over both parties' nominations.

In addition, California sued to prevent Trump's repeal of the program that protects "DREAMers" who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, and federal courts have temporarily blocked Trump's repeal. California's status as a "sanctuary" state was demonstrated in February when Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf posted a tweet alerting residents of an upcoming immigration sweep.

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Here’s why Canada’s ex-envoy to Saudi Arabia says sanctions for journalist killing wouldn’t work

Today 18:10 GMT

Sanctioning or publicly condemning Saudi Arabia for the killing of a journalist inside its consulate in Turkey three weeks ago would not be effective, says Canada’s former ambassador to the kingdom. .

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia says missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead after fight. In an interview with the West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson, Horack said the approach being taken by Canada, the United States and other G7 allies over the last three weeks to communicate concern about the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi but not condemnation are the best of the severely limited available options.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte