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What the RCMP is doing behind the scenes to prevent violent extremism

Today 11:44 GMT

Prof. Joana Cook, an expert on countering violent extremism, said that approach was “largely recognized as the most suitable,” partly because the reasons people fall into extremism are so varied. “That means that responses and interventions have to be able to identify and respond to a broad array of factors that may be present in each individual’s circumstances,” she said.

“I think it’s important that this story is told,” said the veteran counter-terrorism officer, who has been helping set up the RCMP’s violent extremism prevention program around Toronto.

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Tempers flare as counter-protesters outnumber attendees at far-right rally in Toronto

Sunday 19:03 GMT

Tempers flared as counter-protesters greatly outnumbered the attendees at a far-right rally in downtown Toronto on Saturday.

The group Pegida, a far-right, anti-Islam group, held a rally near University Avenue and Dundas Street on Saturday afternoon. Around 30 Pegida protesters showed up, while around 250 counter-protesters, some wearing masks, were there at the height of the event.

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Toronto’s real-estate market risky for money laundering, with $28B in opaque investments: report

Friday 15:25 GMT

It is not just Vancouver’s skyrocketing real-estate market that is being exploited by criminal cash and professional money launderers.

A new report by Transparency International Canada has found Toronto’s much larger market faces massive floods of opaque cash, with $28.4 billion invested in Greater Toronto Area housing since 2008, through corporations. Secret police study finds crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016. But it is transnational crime syndicates that have the power to really move Canadian real-estate prices in high-risk money-laundering havens like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, a fact that was recognized this week by Finance Canada in a proposal for a new national anti-money-laundering task force.

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