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Source: BBC

Eight dead after tornadoes hit US South


At least eight people have died and dozens were injured after storms triggered tornadoes and flooding across several southern US states.

Authorities say at least 11 tornadoes touched down in three states before the storm began moving towards the East Coast. Some of the injured could not be rescued for hours due to debris on roadways, according to US media.

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Source: Fox News

Mississippi bar owner explains why he kicked patrons out of bar as tornado loomed

Thursday 07:00 GMT

The owner of a bar popular with the students of Mississippi State University explained why he kicked patrons out of his business as the threat of a tornado loomed.

The owner said he was in contact with the National Weather Service and meteorologists on what was the best plan would be going forward if another tornado hit the area. “What we’d like to do is get them involved and get them to help me write a clear plan of action and do training so something like this won’t ever happen again,” he said.

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