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Envoy says US to keep fighting greenhouse gas emissions


The United States is committed to reducing greenhouse gas even though the Trump administration still plans to pull out of the Paris accord on fighting global warming, the top U.S. representative at international climate talks told other delegates Thursday.

"We remain collectively committed to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through, among other things, increased innovation on sustainable energy and energy efficiency, and working toward low greenhouse gas emissions energy systems," she said.

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Finally, Big Tobacco's antismoking ads, but who'll see them?

Wednesday 05:11 GMT

A federal judge ultimately sided with the government in 2006, ruling that Big Tobacco had "lied, misrepresented and deceived the American public" about the effects of smoking for more than 50 years.

The campaign will be paid for by Altria Group (MO), owner of Philip Morris USA, and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, a division of British American Tobacco (BTI). Altria, maker of Marlboros, referred inquiries to a statement it issued last month: "We remain committed to aligning our business practices with society's expectations of a responsible company.

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