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Source: The Guradian

Tiger Woods’s true legacy would be to end ‘the look’ that marks US golf’s race divide

Monday 16:19 GMT

Tiger Woods, with eyes transfixed on the prize over four days at Augusta, was to win a fifth Green Jacket at the age of 43 and words can barely do justice to the scale of his personal and professional rejuvenation.

“It would have been naive of me to think my win would mean the end of ‘the look’ when a person from any minority walked into some golf clubs, especially the game’s private clubs,” Woods said.

1 Article
Source: The Guradian

I'm glad Tiger won the Masters, but he's no hero to the Black community

Tuesday 09:55 GMT

Couple that with the fact that it happened at the Masters on a course that was literally built on the grounds of a slave plantation, one that no Black golfer had ever even competed on until Lee Elder in 1975, at a club that didn’t even have a Black member until 1990.

You may not have a pulse if you didn’t feel at least a little warm inside as Tiger passionately embraced his son behind the 18th green, a scene reminiscent of the bear hug that he shared with his late father Earl Woods after winning the Masters for the first time back in 1997.

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