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Source: Fox News

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera forced to pay $20G a month in child support, other perks to ex-mistress

Today 05:09 GMT

Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera was ordered to pay his former mistress with whom he fathered two children with $20,000 per month in child support and to pay off her nearly $1 million mansion by July.

Cabrera was ordered by a Florida judge to pay for health care, private school tuition, day care, extra-curricular activities, vacations and $5 million life insurance policies for the children, the Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday, citing court documents.

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Source: The Guradian

Tiger poachers arrested by Thai police were part of Vietnamese gang

Today 08:05 GMT

Thai authorities investigating the discovery of the remains of a wild tiger in a taxi have warned that organised crime gangs are behind the capture and slaughter of Thailand’s endangered tiger population.

Police, acting on a tip-off from a cab driver, arrested two men suspected of being members of a Vietnam-based syndicate involved in the trafficking of animal parts. The tiger was found in their luggage along with mobile phones containing photographs of the animal being killed.

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