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Will America survive the growing insider threat in our homeland today?

Today 18:09 GMT

The threat of insider attacks in Afghanistan has always been a reality, but never before has it been so close to disrupting U.S. vital interests in such a catastrophic way.

Both in combat overseas and in day-to-day operations in the homeland – we must do a better job of identifying insider threats. While those threats are more lethal in combat environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the rules for identifying and stopping such threats with military power are clear.

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Keep Cybersecurity of the Energy Grid Clear of Politics

Friday 08:05 GMT

After the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan to prop up struggling coal and nuclear plants in the name of grid reliability, the Trump administration touted a new line of reasoning in a leaked Department of Energy plan that cybersecurity and physical threats to the grid would be “minimized” at nuclear and coal plants because they could physically store fuel on site.

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Stripping Melania Trump look-alike reveals she's received death threats after appearing in T.I. video

Friday 15:27 GMT

The actress who portrayed a stripping Melania Trump in T.I.’s provocative music video alleges that she has been receiving death threats.

The Supposed 'Party of Women' Is Completely Silent: Lara Trump Blasts Rapper T.I.'s Attack on FLOTUS. Marden likened her appearance as the naked Melania Trump to actor and comedian Alec Baldwin’s consistent portrayal of Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” and had a very simple message for the “political people” who issued her threats; “I remind you this is just a music video – Relax!”. T.I.’s video, which exhibited Marden in the Oval Office and donned only in the “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” jacket made infamous by Melania Trump sparked intense outrage when the fake Melania is seen stripping and defacing a presidential portrait of Trump with red spray paint.

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Facebook cybersecurity executive talks election "war room," tactics of bad actors

Friday 15:27 GMT

Facebook is unveiling a new so-called "war room" to help prevent election interference and deal with urgent threats in the upcoming midterms. The social media giant says the war room will streamline decision-making if threats emerge — though "you could never fit all the people who work on security in Facebook in one room," Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of cybersecurity policy, told "CBS This Morning" on Thursday.

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Threatening letter that says ‘this isn’t a reserve’ prompts Alberta family to move

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The letter said complaints were being made about the family to the condo board and that they were being passed on to the condo owner that Anderson rents the home from.

Anderson said that while she has no way of knowing if the letter is related, the family experienced a frightening incident at their St. B.C. woman fired from car dealership after racist tirade caught on camera at Lethbridge restaurant. Watch below: In May 2018, Kent Morrison filed this report about a racist tirade inside a Lethbridge Denny’s that sent shockwaves across the internet and caught the attention of public officials.

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PEN America sues Trump for violating first amendment rights

Saturday 10:50 GMT

Donald Trump has “hung a sword of Damocles” over journalists by using his powers to retaliate against press coverage he finds objectionable, according to the writers’ organisation PEN America, which has filed a lawsuit against him for violating the US constitution’s first amendment.

Led by the Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Jennifer Egan, PEN America claims that while Trump is free to express critical views of journalists and writers, it is unconstitutional to use the regulatory powers of government to punish the press for its criticism.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte