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Deadly 'zombie' deer disease threat prompts Louisiana lawmaker to act: It's 'critical' to find a cure

Today 10:49 GMT

Republican Rep. Ralph Abraham isn't going to wait for the deadly, so-called “zombie” deer disease to spread to his home state of Louisiana before taking action.

Abraham, who represents the state’s 5th congressional district, recently introduced a bipartisan bill that aims to stop — and hopefully find a cure — for the illness known as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The proposed bill, which Abraham, 64, said he expects to have “complete bipartisan support,"  is “important to the nation because we’re not sure how it’s transmitted,” the representative told Fox News on Friday.

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Source: Fox News

Birthright citizenship should end – it’s a magnet for immigration fraud and could threaten national security

Friday 12:40 GMT

It is about time the Justice Department acted to address this serious problem that makes a mockery of our immigration system and potentially threatens our national security.

Proponents of birthright citizenship often paint it as an issue involving only poverty-stricken, well-meaning immigrants who come to the U.S. for a better life and just happen to have a baby after they get here. Under birthright citizenship, any child born in the U.S. is automatically an American citizen at birth – even if the child’s parent or parents are here illegally.

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'Atmospheric river' bringing threat of mudslides, flooding to California

Friday 10:49 GMT

A weather system known as an "atmospheric river" is unleashing heavy rain across California, bringing the threat of mudslides and flooding Thursday to a region that's already been slammed by days of rain and heavy snow. The National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center said a strong storm system is unleashing an "anomalous surge of tropical moisture" across the Golden State.

"There is a high risk of excessive rainfall on Thursday for the southern California mountains, capable of causing flash flooding and mudslides."

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Source: BBC

Mercedes: Toto Wolff says team 'taking nothing for granted'

Thursday 08:05 GMT

Speaking at the launch of Mercedes' 2019 car, the AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+, Wolff said: "Every team can have a shot at the title and we're seeing all of them as a potential threat. "We have to start from scratch.

Briton Hamilton, who won his fifth world title last year, will lead Mercedes again alongside Valtteri Bottas for the third season. We need to prove ourselves again - against our own expectations and against our competitors."

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Source: DW

Voting under the threat of Boko Haram

Friday 08:05 GMT

"Buhari and our new governor here in Borno should help to end the Boko Haram crisis once and for all," she said — a sentiment shared by many others in Maiduguri.

Maiduguri has grown steadily in recent years – a large percentage of the more than two million Nigerians fleeing Boko Haram attacks have sought refuge here. Nevertheless, a convoy from the Green Party of Nigeria, which has made agriculture its main policy, stalls the flow of traffic on this day.

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Iran celebrates Islamic Revolution with threats to U.S., vows to boost ballistic missiles

Wednesday 14:30 GMT

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians marched on the streets of Tehran Monday, burning American flags and taunting the West as it celebrated the Islamic Revolution's 40th anniversary by vowing to boost its ballistic missiles in defiance of U.S. efforts to curb its military.

Last week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei defended the “Death to America” chants, saying they are aimed at America’s leaders, such as Trump, and not its people.

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Source: The Guradian

Hardline Brexiters threaten to vote down Theresa May's motion

Thursday 15:25 GMT

Hardline Brexit supporters are threatening to inflict yet another Commons defeat on Theresa May because they fear the government is effectively ruling out leaving the EU with no deal.

Members of the Tory European Research Group are unhappy with the wording of a No 10 motion because it endorses parliament’s vote against any Brexit without a withdrawal agreement. The motion for debate on Thursday simply affirms “the approach to leaving the EU” backed by the Commons on 29 January, when an amendment was passed in favour of an attempt to replace the Northern Ireland backstop with “alternative arrangements”.

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Champions League: Absentees reveal Borussia Dortmund’s soft underbelly

Thursday 22:45 GMT

For all that there’s still a glimmer, for all the early threat from Jadon Sancho and for all the overachievement, the lack of a ruthless, game-stretching presence up front and a worrying recent tendency to crumble in adversity leaves Borussia Dortmund all but out of the Champions League.

Though it was not as painful as their Champions League final loss six years ago at the same ground, it was a sobering lesson for a side now without a win in four and showing signs of wobbling after a half season of winning serenity.

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