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Source: DW

EU likely to delay Brexit until EU elections in May

Today 07:00 GMT

Leaders of EU states are willing to push the Brexit date to May 22, just ahead of European elections, according to a draft statement.

EU leaders are considering an extension on Brexit after meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on Thursday, which would give May more time to break the political impasse in London. This still hinges on the UK Parliament accepting Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement.

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Brexit Brief: EU tells Theresa May — it’s deal, or no deal

Today 06:59 GMT

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s request for the EU to extend Britain’s scheduled exit from the bloc has been met with a stark ultimatum from Brussels: not unless you can get your Brexit deal through parliament.

In her extension request letter to Tusk, May said she was “confident” that her Brexit deal will finally be approved by British lawmakers, signaling that she will effectively present parliament with a choice between her agreement and a no-deal Brexit, The Times reported.

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