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For Theresa May, ‘I’m a tin-eared lunatic’ seems to be the hardest word

Today 18:08 GMT

Arriving at the EU summit this week, Theresa May had that purposeful air of a school superintendent walking up the drive to the Addams family mansion, determined that Wednesday and Pugsley should be enrolled in a conventional educational establishment without delay.

Some long hours later, May staggered back down the drive much as that school superintendent might, short of having no shoes and an actual bat in her electrocuted hair.

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Source: The Guradian

Why is Theresa May blaming everyone else for Brexit chaos Projection

Today 14:30 GMT

A number of MPs and many commentators observed that Theresa May now seems to be blaming everyone but herself for the present chaotic impasse.

In this, she is making extraordinarily heavy use of the psychological defensive process called projection – simply put, seeing in others what you refuse to see in yourself. No matter that she’s led the process for its duration; its failure so far is nothing to do with her.

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Theresa May can’t shut out the world – and neither can Britain

Today 14:29 GMT

Locked out of the EU dinner (even Greece was in the room before Europe publicly degraded that country), terribly alone with power draining away, Theresa May does represent in some horribly strange way the state of the nation.

Broken Britain no longer refers to those at the bottom but those at the top, those who no longer feel properly represented … well, welcome home.

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Brexit Brief: EU tells Theresa May — it’s deal, or no deal

Friday 08:59 GMT

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s request for the EU to extend Britain’s scheduled exit from the bloc has been met with a stark ultimatum from Brussels: not unless you can get your Brexit deal through parliament.

In her extension request letter to Tusk, May said she was “confident” that her Brexit deal will finally be approved by British lawmakers, signaling that she will effectively present parliament with a choice between her agreement and a no-deal Brexit, The Times reported.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte