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Loudoun wineries say thefts by customers are cutting into their profits

Monday 11:48 GMT

“If you’re buying a bottle of wine for 19 dollars, and steal a six-dollar glass, that doesn’t really leave a lot for me to keep my lights on.”

Breaux asked Bauer whether she would address the issue of thefts from wineries on her website, Virginia Wine in My Pocket. Bauer said that her subsequent article received the most traffic of any story she had ever posted on her website.

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Baltimore Bike Share system falls victim to crime

Monday 21:03 GMT

Less than a year after its launch, Baltimore’s $2.36-million bike-sharing system has fallen victim to the city’s rising crime problem.

Charm City has lost so many of the program’s bikes to theft and vandalism that the city has temporarily shut down Baltimore Bike Share while officials work to change the bike kiosks’ locking mechanism and tighten security. “The crime issue in Baltimore is real,” said Liz Cornish, executive director of the Baltimore-based advocacy group Bikemore.

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Before the breach, Equifax sought to limit exposure to lawsuits

Thursday 02:28 GMT

Before Equifax discovered a massive computer breach that exposed sensitive information about millions of Americans, the company lobbied Congress on legislation to limit how much it could be forced to pay if sued by consumers, and it pressed lawmakers to roll back the powers of its regulators.

Since at least 2015, the credit reporting agency has repeatedly lobbied lawmakers on issues related to “data security and breach notification,” according to federal disclosure forms.

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Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims

Thursday 20:57 GMT

A federal court has rejected a lawsuit seeking compensation for some 22 million federal employees, retirees and others whose personal information was stolen from two government databases.

Nor do other laws cited by the unions allow for suing the government “to enforce its information security obligations, and no court has expressly recognized a right to data security arising under the Constitution,” District Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote for the court in In Re: U.S. Office of Personnel Management Data Security Breach Ligation, Misc.

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Whiskey, steroids and softball: prosecutor says 'Kentuckiana' lore is just theft

Friday 01:35 GMT

The spiriting away of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of whiskey had a whiff of romance and “a very Kentuckiana aspect”, a court has heard.

“This case is one that has a romantic aspect to it, has a very Kentuckiana aspect to it ... but in the end, this is a property theft crime,” prosecutor Zachary Becker said after the plea. The thefts included hard-to-get and pricey brands such as Pappy Van Winkle bourbon that was taken from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

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