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Source: CBS News

Diner describes panicked scene during Texas Roadhouse shooting

Today 03:22 GMT

KENS reporters talked to another man, Kenneth Williams, who had brought his family to the Texas Roadhouse Sunday for a birthday celebration, only to be turned away by the manager.

According to San Antonio police, the gunman opened fire on a family waiting outside a Texas Roadhouse to be seated at around 8:40pm Sunday night, wounding a 6-year-old boy and four of his relatives. The suspect walked up to a nearby parking lot and fired multiple rounds from a handgun before fleeing, according to the report.

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Source: Global News

Russia troll farm more strange than Mueller’s indictment says, according to insiders

Today 03:23 GMT

The U.S. indictment centred on a Russian troll farm only scratches the surface of the St. Petersburg agency that allegedly produced online content to sway the 2016 presidential election – and glosses over how unconvincing some of its stunts could be.

READ MORE: Trump says FBI too distracted by Russia probe to spot Florida shooting warning signs. When the managers had gone home, the 20-somethings working the night shift at the troll farm ran amok, he said, playing Islamic State anthems over the sound system and jokingly saluting each other with the Ukrainian nationalist greeting, “Glory to Ukraine!”

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Source: CBS News

Texas detectives hope for new leads in decades-old murder mystery

Today 03:23 GMT

"As time goes by its going to be harder and harder to find any leads or witnesses that are still alive or new clues that can come up because science can only solve so much," Leflore told KBTX.

"We don't forget that," said Leflore, speaking to KBTX reporter Whitney Miller on a narrow stretch of farm road 244 in Iola, Texas, where the victim's body had been tossed into a deep ravine.

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Source: Fox News

Texas church shooter avoided arrest in rape case after investigation languished, records show

Sunday 19:05 GMT

A young woman accused Texas mass killer Devin Kelley of rape in 2013 but he was never arrested after the investigation languished, according to a report.

TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTER DEVIN KELLEY'S EX-WIFE SAYS HE ABUSED AND THREATENED TO KILL HER. The case detective left three voice-mail messages with her and then sent letter four months later that said, “I cannot proceed without your help.” “This was an error of the part of the sheriff’s office,” Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds told the AP Friday.

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