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Source: Fox News

A tale of two email mistakes: Kennedy

Today 20:00 GMT

We will never know all the ways Hillary's server contents might have harmed innocent people, but we do know the glaring differences in these two cases won't feed the beast of moral equivalence Ivanka's enemies are raising in order to even a ginned up, lopsided war.

Ivanka Trump has a brain as big and beautiful as her hair, but by committing the simple, unforced error of sending government business over private email she has opened herself upto a torrent of easily avoidable criticism.

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Source: BBC

Sugar tax on soft drinks raises £154m

Today 16:22 GMT

Products such as cakes, biscuits and other foods are not covered by the tax, although a separate initiative is encouraging manufacturers to reduce the sugar content of those items voluntarily.

The clampdown on sugar use has seen certain leading brands, including Fanta, Ribena and Lucozade, cut the sugar content of their drinks. The introduction of the levy means the UK joins a small handful of nations that have introduced similar taxes, including Mexico, France and Norway.

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Source: Global News

Montreal filmmaker set to make first Netflix original film from Quebec

Today 20:01 GMT

Laliberté, an upstart director with no full-length credits to his name, is part of the small film-making team selected to make the first Netflix original feature film out of Quebec.

WATCH BELOW: Netflix is testing out ads in-between episodes – here’s why, and how to opt out. Helene Messier, head of an association that represents 150 independent Quebec production companies in film, television and online, called the Quebec announcement “excellent news” — with a qualifier.

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Source: CBS News

Tumblr app disappears from Apple's App Store because of child porn

Today 14:30 GMT

The popular blogging platform Tumblr vanished from Apple's App Store for a reason it didn't reveal for days: Child pornography slipped past its filter.

Which is part of our partner site CNET, presented evidence from independent sources that child porn was the reason the app was pulled.

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