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Apple gets ready for life after the iPhone with services push

Saturday 08:59 GMT

Apple currently has its own mobile payments offering, known as Apple Pay, which allows users to input their debit and credit cards into their iPhone and tap point-of-sale systems to pay for goods such as sandwiches and coffees.

Apple is expected to launch two services on March 25, including its rumored video streaming service, at an event in Cupertino, Calif. that will be attended by Hollywood celebrities such as JJ Abrams and Jennifer Aniston — a huge difference from past events, which have featured tech journalists, Wall Street and industry analysts.

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Square Stock Is a Buy Because Its Cash App Will Grow, Analyst Says

Friday 18:10 GMT

RBC Capital Markets analyst Daniel Perlin reaffirmed his Outperform rating for Square stock, citing the earnings potential of its Cash App.

Square stock has surged nearly 40% so far this year as analysts have grown optimistic over the launch of its free Mastercard (MA) debit card to small businesses, which offers a 2.75% discount on purchases made at other Square sellers.

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Apple bets billions on streaming service to curb Netflix dominance

Saturday 14:29 GMT

Ives hinted that Apple is so serious about its foray into streamingand original video content it may start looking for production studios to acquire to help streamline the production process.

Gunnarsson doesn't see Apple mimicking Netflix's subscription model entirely; instead, he sees the iPhone maker following Amazon Prime, the second-largest streaming player. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. "Consumers did not take to building virtual movie libraries, and although Apple made a lot of money and became a very important partner for Hollywood, Netflix came along and became this huge worldwide phenomenon," he told DW.

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