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PM Update: Clouds on the increase tonight. Mild with afternoon showers Monday.

Today 04:15 GMT

On the other side of Australia, dozens of people were rescued from huge swells created by Cyclone Gita, which is on track to make landfall in New Zealand early this week.

Presidents’ Day (Monday): Mostly cloudy skies greet us in the morning, with a slight chance at some spotty showers, especially to the south and east of the District.

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Are You a Bad Parent If You Rely On Parenting Tech?

Sunday 22:44 GMT

“There are so many unknowns, so many questions about the baby’s schedule, feeding, diapering, weight gain,” said blogger Jeana Tahnk of the parenting site Top Tech Mom.

Appeared in the February 17, 2018, print edition as 'Tender Loving Tech Tender Loving Tech.'. Anxious to raise their kids the ‘natural’ way, many parents shun innovative gadgets that might make life easier.

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Updates: Mixed bag of precipitation has begun and could create slick conditions this evening

Sunday 08:04 GMT

Some snow accumulation is possible, especially in colder areas north and west of the city, where slick conditions are most likely to develop, especially once it starts getting dark.

Heavier precipitation will move into the D.C. area rather quickly, especially between about 5 and 8 pm., and the increase in precipitation intensity and nightfall will drag surface temperatures down to around 30-34 degrees. 1 or 2 degrees will make a huge difference in what falls from the sky and on how many surfaces it accumulates on.

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D.C.-area forecast: Cooler today with periodic showers, then a wintry mix arrives late tomorrow

Friday 21:53 GMT

Most likely a sloppy mix develops early-to-mid afternoon, but a more significant snowfall potential can’t be completely ruled out, even locally.

High temperatures may get into the mid-30s to around 40 before the precipitation starts, but then we get colder again as a mix of light rain, sleet and/or snow begins. We’ll watch precipitation arrival time since there’s a slight chance it holds off until late afternoon.

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Wintry mix likely Saturday night with best chance of snowfall north of D.C.

Friday 11:48 GMT

Saturday night is shaping up to be a sloppy mess of rain, ice or snow, or a combination of the three across the D.C. area.

As is often the case, locations north and west of the Beltway have the best chance of some snow and/or ice accumulation, and resulting slick road and sidewalk conditions. From the District and to the south and east, while some frozen precipitation and slippery roads cannot be ruled out, temperatures may be just high enough that the precipitation is more a rainy nuisance than a snowy and icy hazard.

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Snow, ice and rain likely Saturday afternoon and night, with some accumulation possible

Saturday 10:51 GMT

From downtown and to the south and east, a little snow and sleet are possible, mainly on grassy areas, before precipitation probably changes to rain.

In Washington’s more immediate northern and western suburbs, one to three inches of snow and sleet are most likely, before precipitation changes to freezing rain or rain, and concludes. The heaviest snow totals are likely to occur in northern Maryland, where two to four inches are possible, with locally higher amounts not out of the question.

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