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An information chain that could end contaminated seafood

Today 02:25 GMT

“The traditional supply chain is based on relationships and a complete lack of information from one actor to the next,” says Brett Haywood, the New Zealand managing director of Sea Quest Fiji, the tuna fishing and processing company involved in the pioneering programme.

On one hand it is not our business to know what the fish is sold for down the supply chain but on the other hand, we are subject to the inefficiencies of the actors down that chain,” he explains.

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Researchers create technology that turns brain signals into speech

Thursday 21:50 GMT

People robbed of the ability to talk due to a stroke or another medical condition may soon have real hope of regaining a voice thanks to technology that harnesses brain activity to produce synthesized speech, researchers said on Wednesday.

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, implanted electrodes into the brains of volunteers and decoded signals in cerebral speech centers to guide a computer-simulated version of their vocal tract – lips, jaw, tongue and larynx – to generate speech through a synthesizer.

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Tesla Isn’t the Only One Advancing Autonomous Driving. Just Look at GM.

Wednesday 12:40 GMT

After all, Tesla (ticker: TSLA) makes batteries, solar panels, and charging stations, not to mention the autonomous computing technologies on display Monday.

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Tesla shows off self-driving technology to investors

Tuesday 18:10 GMT

Tesla Inc broadcast a web presentation on Monday to update investors about its self-driving strategy as Chief Executive Elon Musk tries to show that the electric car maker’s massive investment in the sector will pay off.

Tesla says its cars have the necessary hardware for full self-driving in most circumstances, and Musk said in February he was certain that Tesla would be “feature complete” for full self-driving in 2019, although drivers would still need to pay attention until the system’s reliability improved.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Again Calls for Tech Regulation Because ‘What We’re Doing Isn’t Working’

Wednesday 19:06 GMT

Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated calls for more regulation of technology companies Tuesday morning, saying there are “some serious issues with tech.”

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