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Look to these stock market sectors in 2019 instead of FAANGs and tech

Today 00:36 GMT

Particularly as growth is becoming incredibly hard to find in entrenched big tech stocks, and trade war tensions look to shut down multinational stocks, you could do worse than a pure domestic play on the emerging North American marijuana industry.

First there's Victoria's Secret parent L Brands LB, -0.66%  , which had fallen on hard times but is up modestly this year so far, and showing signs of a turnaround even as the broader stock market has struggled.

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Woman who endured stillbirth pleads with tech companies to cease baby ads

Thursday 18:11 GMT

A woman who recently suffered a stillbirth penned an emotional letter to technology companies this week about how she still receives baby-related advertisements even after she shared on social media that her son had died.

“Please, Tech Companies, I implore you: If your algorithms are smart enough to realize that I was pregnant, or that I’ve given birth, then surely they can be smart enough to realize that my baby died, and advertise to me accordingly — or maybe, just maybe, not at all,” she concluded.

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Oil-Dri Corporation of America Appoints New CFO

Wednesday 05:10 GMT

The Chicago company, which mines sorbent minerals and manufactures industrial and consumer products such as cat litter, said it chose Ms. Kreh for her experience in finance and information technology, as technology becomes increasingly integrated into its business, said Oil-Dri General Counsel Laura Scheland.

Ms. Kreh, who will oversee the finance, accounting and information technology functions at Oil-Dri, replaces Daniel Smith, who held the position for the past six years.

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The Morning Download: A Tech-Driven Jobs Expansion, If You Can Keep It

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

The World Economic Forum, in its Future of Jobs Report 2018, found that most large companies in its survey expect workplace roles to change as more tasks become automated.

“Extrapolating from these trends for the global (non-agricultural) workforce employed by large firms … 75 million jobs may be displaced by the above trends, while 133 million additional new roles may emerge concurrently,” Mr. Wladawsky-Berger writes.

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Google's missing moral compass: Tech giant happy to help China but not our US military

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

Google reveals its true colors (green and greener) when it disses the U.S. military in its request for help with artificial intelligence while at the same time aiding and abetting the Chinese government’s draconian internet policies, providing a search engine labeled Dragonfly.

Google is used to having it both ways: making our private information public while protecting their own; refusing to assist our military while helping a declared military competitor.

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Breakingviews - Apple case underscores Chinese tech ties that bind

Wednesday 08:05 GMT

Even without direct links to increasingly frayed relations between Beijing and Washington, the last few days serve as a reminder of the technology ties that tightly bind them.

A provincial Chinese court’s ruling on Monday affects certain touch-screen and photo features on older versions of the iPhone.

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China, U.S. discuss plans for trade talks amid break in tariff battle

Wednesday 12:41 GMT

China's government says its economic czar and U.S. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin have discussed plans for the next round of talks in a tariff battle following a temporary cease-fire.

The discussions reportedly touched on China's purchases of agricultural goods and changes to China's economic policies, including its Made in China 2025 plan, which seeks to promote the growth of tech industries such as robotics, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Facebook's fall: From the friendliest face of tech to perceived enemy of democracy

Tuesday 16:21 GMT

Legitimate concerns about the machinations behind the scenes at Facebook have surfaced now, and it is clear that big tech is not promoting individual empowerment, but instead exploiting the masses for profit, power and pushing of ideology,” McCall said.

Facebook's perceived threat has reached such a level that Damian Collins, chairman of the U.K. Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, recently took the extraordinary step of sending a sergeant-at-arms from the legislative body to use forceful tactics to seize secret documents that could contain data about Facebook's privacy controls and potentially shady correspondence between Facebook’s top executives.

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Tech Job Growth Remains Strong in November

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

Employers continued to hire new information-technology workers last month, both inside and outside the U.S. tech sector, even as growth in the broader job market slowed, Comptia said.

The steady gains signal that demand for IT service workers, data specialists and software and applications developers remains strong, despite growing concerns over economic uncertainty. Hiring for core technology positions by all U.S. employers grew by 67,000 new jobs in November, down from 107,000 in October, according to the IT industry trade group’s analysis of the Labor Department’s latest jobs data.

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