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Source: Fox News

Americans abandoning New York, New Jersey, other high-tax states

Thursday 22:46 GMT

Below $50,000 – and those with incomes between $75,000 and $150,000 moved out of the Empire State at a high rate, as did those with incomes of more than $150,000.

According to United Van Lines’ Movers Study, more Americans left a number of high-tax states, like New York and Connecticut, than moved there last year. California – which used to be a destination for wealthier New Yorkers – is now losing residents to states like Florida, Nevada and Texas, Dolly Lenz CEO Dolly Lenz said, as the state considers implementing an estate tax.

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Source: Fox News

Elizabeth Warren shops at Amazon, but also wants to break it up

Wednesday 12:40 GMT

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is campaigning for her party’s nomination in 2020, said she buys from e-commerce giant Amazon, even though she has proposed both breaking the company up and forcing it to pay more in corporate taxes.

During a CNN townhall in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday night, host Anderson Cooper asked Warren whether she orders from Amazon, to which she responded “sure.”

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Source: Reuters

Seeds of discontent: Argentina's farmers turn cool on their man Macri

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

“Do you know what Macri’s advantage is? It’s that we don’t like Cristina and so if Cristina shows up and there are no other options, we will simply vote for Macri so that Cristina does not get in,” he said.

Analysts and farmers, however, said if the election ended up being between Macri and Fernandez - as many polls expect if she runs - then farmers would have little choice about how to vote. Carlos Achetone, president of the Federación Agraria Argentina (FAA), the last of the four main agricultural bodies, said many farmers were looking beyond Macri if there was a “third alternative with substance.”

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