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Source: New York Times

A Freshman New Jersey Mayor, at Age 93, Tackles Same Old Problems

Saturday 21:51 GMT

The new mayor here looked gleefully down at the 6-month old girl, the daughter of a city councilman, but opted against the traditional political peck on the baby’s cheek — it was the germs, he said.

Tinton Falls, a quaint town of roughly 18,000 people five miles inland from the Jersey Shore, was quickly in the spotlight, and it had its new mayor to thank. But now, after several weeks in office, he is running into the kind of traditional problem that plagues mayors across the country: a disagreeable City Council.

1 Article
Source: New York Times

Bill and Melinda Gates Tackle ‘Tough Questions’ and Trump

Thursday 15:27 GMT

For the past year, Bill and Melinda Gates have received the same question repeatedly while jetting around the world: How is President Trump affecting their work as two of the world’s top philanthropists?

Mr. and Ms. Gates are badgered about Mr. Trump so often that they made the topic part of the annual letter they published early Tuesday, a digest the couple releases about the philanthropic activities of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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