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Iran sent Hezbollah advanced weapons to turn rockets into precision missiles, new flight data suggests

Friday 20:02 GMT

American and western intelligence sources believe Iran has been increasing its shipments of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah, deliveries that now include Global Positioning System (GPS) components to make previously unguided rockets into precision guided-missiles, increasing the threat to Israel.

Last month, at his address at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared photos of what he said were three Hezbollah “secret sites” near Beirut’s international airport, locations where the GPS components from Tehran were being assembled to turn the rockets into precision-guided missiles capable of striking deep inside Israel “within an accuracy of 10 meters (11 yards).”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin reports 700 hostages seized by IS in Syria

Friday 08:06 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin said IS fighters have captured hundreds of hostages, including several US and European nationals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Islamic State (IS) militants had seized almost 700 hostages in a part of Syria controlled by US-backed forces. Speaking at an international policy forum in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Thursday, Putin said some of the hostages had been executed and that IS had promised it would kill more.

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US officials rebut Putin ISIS hostage claims: 'fake news'

Friday 15:27 GMT

U.S. officials have rejected claims from Vladimir Putin that ISIS has taken nearly 700 people hostage, including several European and U.S. Nationals in Syria.

“Responsibility doesn’t stop with the federal government, we also need the private sector and media outlets to step up and take greater responsibility because this -- a national interest it is a national interest that demands a response from both the federal government and from the private sector,” said Dan Coats speaking at a tech conference in the nation’s capital.

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U.N.’s Special Envoy to Syria Calling It Quits

Thursday 22:45 GMT

UNITED NATIONS—The U.N.’s special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, announced Wednesday that he would step down at the end of November as U.N.-led peace talks in the long conflict continue to stall.

U.N. diplomats said candidates being considered to succeed Mr. de Mistura include Jan Kubis, the special envoy for Iran, and Nickolay Mladenov, a Middle East peace coordinator. A Security Council diplomat said that the international community could use the two issues of refugee returns and rebuilding as leverage to draw Syria’s regime back to the negotiating table.

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Missing in Syria: Austin Tice's parents lonely struggle to find their son

Friday 08:05 GMT

Earlier this year, a state department spokesperson said that the US believes Austin Tice has survived detention in Syria.

In recent years, as Austin Tice has become widely known as a detained journalist, his parents have looked for other, more personal ways to describe him.

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Opinion: Turkey profiting from the Khashoggi affair

Saturday 18:11 GMT

Two weeks after the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi government still hasn't confessed to what it knows.

Read more: 'The Saudis will find a scapegoat' for Khashoggi, says exiled Prince Khalid. Ultimately, Turkey has used the situation to gain ground on its rivals within the Islamic world. Not only has the Khashoggi case disappointed many young Saudis, it has also eroded the moral credibility of a country whose king is bestowed with the title "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques."

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German intelligence foiled 2016 Islamic State terror attack

Friday 01:31 GMT

He claimed to have become embroiled in the attack plan accidentally and to have tried to get out of the situation once he knew about the attack plan.

A man, Oguz G.,  and woman, Marcia M., who traveled to Syrian in autumn 2015 to join IS were to have played a central role in the attack. From IS' then-de facto capital of Raqqa, Marcia M. — who was herself a convert to Islam — tried to recruit women in northern Germany to marry IS members so that they could be granted permission to enter Germany.

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Haley rips into Iran’s ‘crony terrorism,’ use of child soldiers in fiery return to Security Council

Friday 17:17 GMT

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, returning to the Security Council for the first time since she announced her intention to step down earlier this month, tore into Iran’s alleged use of child soldiers on Thursday and accused the regime of “crony terrorism.” “The use of child soldiers is a moral outrage that every civilized nation rejects while Iran celebrates it,” she said in remarks to the chamber.

Her remarks came two days after the Treasury announced sanctions against a network of businesses and financial institutions linked to the Basij Resistance Force -- a wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which the U.S. says uses child soldiers.

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