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This city has the best quality of life in the world (hint: it’s not in the U.S.)

Monday 13:36 GMT

Quality of life in the world’s biggest cities is finally improving, although no U.S. city makes No. 1.. Melbourne, Australia ranks as No. 1 for the seventh consecutive year, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 10th annual “Global Livability Ranking” of 140 cities around the world.

Geneva in Switzerland and Paris tied for seventh, and New York and Copenhagen tied at No. 9. Almaty in the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan was the cheapest.

1 Article
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A 19th Century Swiss Chateau Uniquely Located On Lake Geneva

Tuesday 11:47 GMT

Sauvestre designed this unique lakeside mansion in western Switzerland, and the stone-clad iron arches that suspend the home over the shore of Lake Geneva are certainly reminiscent of the structure of the iconic Parisian tower.

It originally sat on the edge of Napoleon’s estate, and retains neighbors who are descendant from Napoleon’s family, according to Mr. de Gooreynd.

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