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A guide to picking the right apple for the right recipe

Monday 11:46 GMT

Toigo says using a sweet apple that still has some acid can be good in baking, because you might not have to use quite as much sugar as you would with say, an apple that is predominantly tart.

Whether it’s straight out of hand or in a salad, sauce or pie, it can feel downright impossible to eat only one apple each day. — I think was not standing in front of a bountiful farmers market stand in fall.

1 Article
Source: Washington Post

Roasted, raw and turned into soup, there’s really no wrong way to make root vegetables

Sunday 20:54 GMT

Thinly sliced turnips remain raw and a little crunchy, while their greens are blanched, chopped and mixed with pumpkin seeds, orange segments and a light, rice-vinegar-based dressing.

They are generally long-lasting, they can be made a variety of ways, and they get along with most seasonings and accompaniments. Come fall and winter, the markets are flooded with them — you’ll be seeing carrots, beets, parsnips and the like with increasing frequency.

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