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Sweet justice: Ghent's chocolate 'war of the little noses' resolved

Saturday 13:35 GMT

It had become known as the “the war of the little noses” in the Flemish media after the cone-shaped chocolate treats known as cuberdons at the centre of the dispute.

Carl Demeestere and Younes Benzaza, who both claim to sell the superior cuberdons – chocolate confectionery with a gelatinous raspberry filling also known as neuzekes or little noses – have been in daily battle with each other in Ghent’s sweeping central square, where they stand 100 metres from each other.

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Source: The Guradian

My friend was smart, sweet, off-kilter. Now we’ll never get the chance to make up

Sunday 06:58 GMT

He was so smart, and sweet, and I liked how he never bothered with small talk but always insisted on discussing the big things: politics, philosophy, history.

The time for leisurely three-hour strolls with a friend on a Tuesday afternoon, talking of everything and nothing, is long gone. Now, at most, I’ll send a quick “Thinking of you” text while sitting exhausted on the sofa, in the air pocket between work and kids and bed.

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Source: BBC

Ariana Grande kicks off Sweetner world tour

Today 10:51 GMT

Putting tour plans on hold, Grande returned to the studio and recorded thank u, next in just two weeks - pouring her heart into revealing songs like Fake Smile, Imagine and the title track.

The New York Times called the album "artistically redefining"; and Grande became the first artist since The Beatles to hold the top three slots on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. Little of that drama was reflected on stage as the tour opened; with the show acting more as a celebration of the music than a reconstruction of Grande's private grief.

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