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PayPal sees encouraging growth from Venmo; stock surges

Saturday 10:50 GMT

PayPal Holdings Inc. says that its efforts to make money from Venmo are nearing a “tipping point,” news that helped send shares surging Friday.

Still, the early momentum is encouraging given that Venmo is considered one of the big growth catalysts for PayPal shares. Venmo has a loyal user base, but some analysts were concerned that monetization efforts were proceeding in a slower-than-expected manner.

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'Adults in the room': Greens surge across Europe as centre-left flounders

Saturday 04:14 GMT

If the Green wave has come mainly at the expense of traditional centre-left social democratic parties, whose support has plunged across Europe to the point of near wipeout in countries such as France and the Netherlands, the movement also increasingly appeals to substantial numbers of disillusioned centre-right voters.

Monica Frassoni, co-chair of the European Green party, said the results showed success could be won “by putting hope over fear, and compassion over hate”.

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